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The MacNN Podcast, episode 42: the most beautiful one in our history

11/23, 11:01pm

Hand-crafted with rich Corinthian voices for extreme effect

Episode 42 is, first and foremost, a gorgeous-sounding episode. It features Mike and Charles, a good connection, and a fair amount to talk about even in a slow news week. As is the norm with these two, they wander around to various topics, but among the things that are for sure discussed in the repairability (or rather, the lack of it) in the Apple Pencil (and whether anyone should care), what's up with, and more.


Annual shutdown of iTunes Connect runs December 22-29

11/23, 7:13am

Developers warned of yearly iTunes Connect downtime

Apple will be holding its annual shutdown of iTunes Connect from December 22 until December 29, the same dates as last year, the company has confirmed. Announced over the weekend in a news update on the Developer portal, the downtime warning advises developers to get any new apps or app updates in order and submitted to Connect in a timely manner before that eight-day period, as they will not be accepted or approved over the holidays.


MacNN Deals Recap: Save on audio devices, development courses

11/21, 4:20am

Recap of the bigger MacNN Deals from the week of November 21, 2015

During the week, we highlight quite a few offers you can get from the MacNN Deals store, and sometimes people simply miss out on some great deals. In this recap, we will point out some of the more impressive deals from earlier this week, some that are still available for you to purchase if you are quick. This week's big items include the Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar, Tenqa headphones, and developer training for iOS and Xcode.


Freebie Friday: Kid's apps on iPad, development courses, app bundle

11/20, 5:46pm

MacNN's Friday freebie column for November 20, 2015

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, especially when there's no or relatively few catches. Freebie Friday is the post where the MacNN staff find stuff you can make use of this weekend, without spending a single cent. Today, entertain the kids with two iOS apps, learn how to create your own, play Blu-ray movies on your Mac, and pick up a free Mac app bundle.


Briefly: tvOS 9.1b3 now available, Amex Apple Pay in Australia

11/18, 3:33pm

Hints of long-awaited support for 'app folders' seen in 9.1 beta code

In addition to today's update of the iOS 9.2 beta, Apple has also released a developer-only third tvOS 9.1 beta. The upcoming update, expected to be released early next year, will add promised but thus far missing features such as Siri control of Apple Music (Apple has already added Siri control of general searches and iTunes Match support). Also found in testing was some support for "app folders" as seen in iCloud.


Microsoft porting Android emulator to Mac, ships Visual Studio Code

11/18, 1:41pm

Visual Studio announcements include new apps for Mac-based development

Microsoft is porting an emulator for Android that will run on OS X, one that has already been released for Windows. Revealed during the Microsoft Connect 2015 conference earlier today, the software giant confirmed it would be creating a version of Visual Studio Emulator for Android to the Mac, as part of a collection of Mac-related announcements involving its Visual Studio programming suite of apps.


Apple seeds iOS 9.2 beta 4 to developers, public testers

11/18, 1:39pm

No new features uncovered as of yet, more fixes instead

A day "late" compared to last week's beta, Apple has launched a fourth developer and public beta of iOS 9.2. The new beta does not come with release notes indicating any new significant changes, but small incremental improvements have been implemented in previous betas of 9.2, including a change to the Safari View Controller for third-party apps, user interface tweaks to Apple Music, and other small changes.


Apple sends apology to developers for recent Mac App Store issues

11/18, 7:11am

Explanation for security certificate-related errors provided in email to developers

Apple has sent an email to developers affected by an expired security certificate issue with the Mac App Store last week, apologizing and offering an explanation for what caused the problem. According to the email, a caching problem within the Mac App Store interfered with Apple's issuing of a new security certificate, one which caused a number of users to see a "damaged" error when using some of their apps, forcing a reinstallation in a number of instances.


Apple seeds fourth beta of OS X 10.11.2 to developers

11/17, 3:12pm

Public beta release likely to follow tonight or tomorrow

As has become the weekly ritual, Apple on Tuesday released a fourth developer beta of OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan, about a month after the release of 10.11.1. The new build, 15C47a, contains the same general notes as the other betas in the series, focusing on bug fixes and performance tweaks rather than introducing any new features. Apple has been in the habit of releasing an identical version for pre-registered public beta testers later the same day or the next day.


Briefly: App Store search improvements, chart listing bug

11/17, 1:09pm

App Store searches get smarter, go beyond metadata or strict spellings

Developers over the last week have reported that the algorithm that powers App Store searches is evolving, now offering suggestions that go beyond simple title or keyword identification. The biggest changes appear to have debuted on November 12, but tweaks and other noticeable (to developers) differences in results have been happening all during November, and are continuing. The overall effect appears to be that searches are more intelligent, with for example "Tweetbot" turning up in a search for "Twitter" when it didn't previously.


MacNN Deals: Learn to code your own apps with these courses

11/16, 9:17am

Learn to develop your own software, games with MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's highlights are all ways to learn how to code and create your own software, including iOS games and apps, JavaScript, Python, and even how to create 3D games using Unity 3D.


F.lux developers pull sideloaded app following Apple's complaint

11/13, 8:42am

Downloads for sideloaded app against developer program agreement, Apple claims

The creators of F.lux for iOS have been asked to pull the download from their website by Apple, for violating its Developer Program Agreement. Previously only accessible on iOS for jailbroken devices, the app was recently made available to install via sideloading to normal iOS installations, but Apple objected and requested the app be pulled from view, preventing anyone else from being able to install it at all.


Apple makes third 10.11.2 beta available to public testers

11/12, 9:54am

Follows on heels of developer release with same build number

As expected, Apple has now made the third beta of OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 available for registered public beta testers. The release follows the developer version issued on Tuesday, and offers the same build number and minor bug fixes and performance improvements found there. Testers have been asked to focus on Wi-Fi, USB, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Photos, USB, graphics, networking, and Spotlight. The download is now available through Software Update in the Mac App Store.


Briefly: Apple TV Tech Talks announced, Facebook Notify app launches

11/11, 2:57pm

Tech Talks return for Apple TV development in ten-city tour

Apple has revealed it is holding Tech Talks in a number of cities around the world, to help developers create apps for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Open to members of the Apple Developer Program, the talks are being held over the next few months from December onwards, with each session said to offer technical information on creating apps for tvOS, refined coding techniques, and other assistance from on-hand Apple experts.


Apple doubles TestFlight beta tester limit to 2,000 installations

11/11, 12:27pm

TestFlight beta test period extended to 60 days, population limit doubled

Developers of iOS apps are now able to provide their creations to more people for testing, after the limits for TestFlight were increased. An announcement on Apple's developer portal revealed the previous limit of 1,000 external beta testers has doubled to 2,000, allowing developers to increase their testing pool for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV apps, with app creators likely to receive more feedback ahead of their app or update's release.


New betas for iOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.2, tvOS 9.1; Xcode updated to 7.1.1

11/10, 2:20pm

Third iOS 9.2 beta features Apple Music tweak, bug fixes, more

Following last week's beta updates, Apple has seeded new betas today for developers for iOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.2. The iOS and OS X betas are the third in a weekly series, and will almost certainly be matched with public tester versions within the next day. In addition, a second beta of tvOS 9.1 has been released, bringing Siri control to Apple Music. Apple on Monday also updated its multi-OS development tool Xcode to version 7.1.1, fixing some "critical" bugs found in the user interface testing, debugging, and Interface Builder components.


MacNN Deals: Learn to code with these four Pay What You Want bundles

11/09, 8:46am

Courses on iOS 9, web, game development on offer from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's four highlights are all "Pay What You Want" bundles, covering development in iOS 9, game design, back-end development, and even WordPress themes, with all able to be acquired for just $1.


Freebie Friday: Rayman Fiesta Run, Mac app bundle, iOS development

11/06, 10:30pm

MacNN's Friday freebie column for November 6, 2015

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, especially when there's no or relatively few catches. Freebie Friday is the post where the MacNN staff find stuff you can make use of this weekend, without spending a penny. In this edition, spend your weekend with Rayman on iOS, download a bundle of Mac apps, learn to code your own iOS games, and perform edits on images in bulk.


Follow-up: second public betas of OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2 released

11/05, 11:15pm

Latest iOS beta gives testers on AT&T ability to try out NumberSync feature

Following the developer release of second betas for OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2, Apple on Wednesday (for iOS) and Thursday (for OS X) made public versions with the same build numbers available to pre-registered testers. Both releases are now available to registered accounts through either the App Store or the Mac App Store. The OS X beta, build 15C31f, does not mark any changes but continues to ask developers to focus on several key areas. The iOS 9.2 beta, however, introduces the ability to test AT&T's forthcoming NumberSync technology.


Microsoft accepting signups for Cortana for iOS testing

11/04, 10:14am

Will have limited features compared to Windows version

Microsoft is planning to bring its Cortana voice-powered personal assistant service to iOS, and is looking for a pool of iOS users to help the company beta-test the technology. The company is now accepting signups in the US and China from "Windows Insiders," or those who helped beta-test Windows 10, and will limit the number of people who can get early releases of the software. Microsoft has been testing Cortana for iOS for six months already, and there is no known release date for a final version.


Follow-up: Apple activates Top Charts on new Apple TV

11/03, 3:45pm

Code hack revealed hidden charts earlier, rankings confirmed

A few days after our report on a hidden "Top Charts" feature in the tvOS App Store that was discovered by a gaming site, Apple has now turned the feature on -- one of several seen to be missing from the initial shipping version of tvOS for the new Apple TV. Other missing features from the store, such as browsing for non-featured apps, remained unfixed thus far. The initial revelation that the charts existed and were just not shown also revealed that games dominated the paid charts, while TV apps ruled the free listings.


Apple releases OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2, tvOS betas to developers

11/03, 1:47pm

Beta version for new Apple TV requires USB-C to USB-A adapter

On Tuesday, Apple released new developer betas of OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2 (both the second betas to be released), as well as a first beta of tvOS, which is presumably numbered v9.1. The new iOS beta comes two weeks after the initial public release of iOS 9.1, and one week after the first beta. The OS X beta, build 15C31f does not mark any changes but continues to ask developers to focus on several key areas. The tvOS beta will require developers to have a new Apple TV as well as USB-C to USB-A adapter in order to install it from a Mac -- the Apple TV itself has no downloading capability for beta releases.


MacNN Deals: Create your own apps, sites with these coding courses

11/03, 9:40am

Build games, apps, websites with these course bundles from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals store. Today's highlights are bundles of courses to help you improve yourself, including training relating to web design and online services, iOS 9 app production, and on the more "fun" side, game development in Unity 5.


New Apple TV: games dominate tvOS apps, podcast app discovered

11/02, 3:22pm

Exclusives Beat Sports, Rayman Adventures top paid, free charts in new store

A gaming blog has uncovered a currently-hidden feature in the tvOS App Store for the new Apple TV that reveals the top 10 paid and free apps, despite the fact that such information is not available on the Apple TV App Store itself. The fact that Apple does maintain such information suggests that the feature will become available in time; the tvOS App Store is still in a nascent stage that doesn't even allow browsing or search for apps not featured on the main page. The revelation of the charts shows that games dominate the paid charts, while TV apps dominate the free listings.


Apple Security Framework, Common Crypto libraries released to coders

10/30, 2:05pm

Libraries will facilitate more secure third party applications

Apple has opened up its cryptographical libraries to developers in an effort to enhance the end user's security. Newly opened are the Security Framework, and Common Crypto libraries to allow developers "to help them build advanced security features," according to Apple.


Apple stops signing iOS 9.0.2 following 9.1 release

10/30, 9:50am

Move prevents downgrading, blocks further jailbreak exploits

As per usual, Apple has now stopped signing code for the most recent previous release of iOS 9, version 9.0.2, as a security measure. The move also effectively blocks users from downgrading to the previous version, which may be needed for jailbreaking. In addition to bug fixes and security updates, iOS 9.1 also introduced several new features, such as support for Unicode 8 and subsequent new emojis, along with the Live Photos feature for owners of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.


Apple releases public beta of iOS 9.2 to testers

10/29, 2:18pm

Includes new enhancements to in-app version of Safari

Following the release on Tuesday of the first developer beta of iOS 9.2, Apple has now seeded a version for pre-registered public beta testers to try out. As is usual for a first beta, testers will need to install a new certificate, meaning that they would have to completely erase and reset the device in order to downgrade back to iOS 9.1 once they install the new beta. The update includes support for Safari View Controller Action Extensions, among other browser improvements.


MetalGL now supports OS X for low-latency OpenGL ES rendering in Metal

10/28, 2:31pm

OpenGL ES implementation runs on Metal graphics framework on iOS, OS X

Developer tool creators Brenwill Workshop have announced support for OS X in its MetalGL product, which brought the performance of Metal to OpenGL ES games and applications on iOS, and now on OS X. MetalGL is an implementation of the OpenGL ES 2.0 API that runs on Apple's Metal graphics framework on compatible iOS and OS X devices.


Paragon Software announces new USB Storage SDK for iOS and Android

10/28, 9:02am

SDK adds file structure flexibility to connected devices for developers

Paragon Software on Monday announced the release of new software development kits for Android and iOS aimed at making it easier for app developers to add USB storage capabilities to their offerings. The company's new UFSD software development kits are available for iPhones going back three years and for Android devices as early as Android 3.0. 


Apple issues first 10.11.2 beta to developers for testing

10/27, 6:52pm

New beta expected to address lingering issues with Mail, sync

Following on from today's release of the first betas of iOS 9.2 and Xcode 7.2, Apple has also seeded the first beta of OS X 10.11.2 to developers. The release comes just a week after the final 10.11.1 update was issued to help resolves problems with Office 2016, Mail, and VoiceOver, but there are still some other bugs yet to be fixed, though most users will be unaware of them. Focus areas for the new build (15C27e) include graphics, Wi-Fi, Mail, Calendar, USB, Notes, Photos, and Spotlight.


Apple releases first iOS 9.2 beta to developers

10/27, 2:07pm

Xcode 7.2 also gets beta, changes not yet listed

On Tuesday, Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.2 to developers, along with a warning that upgrading to the new release will prevent those devices from being downgraded to any previous version. The new build, numbered 13C5055d, comes less than a week after the release of iOS 9.1 -- which introduced support for Unicode 8, and sported enhancements to Live Photos on the new iPhones among other tweaks. In addition, Apple updated its beta of Xcode to version 7.2 to support the various new OS versions and devices.


Freebie Friday: Improve your design skills with free fonts, icons

10/23, 10:51pm

MacNN's Friday freebie column for October 23, 2015

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, especially when there's no or relatively few catches. Freebie Friday is the post where the MacNN staff find stuff you can make use of this weekend, without spending a penny. In this edition, spend the weekend expanding your design skills, with free fonts, free icons, a course on how to develop sites using Bootstrap, and a bulk image resizing tool.


Editorial: Microsoft is the worst Mac developer ever

10/23, 3:15pm

I know you're shocked

Yesterday, we extolled every virtue of Microsoft on the Mac that we could find, and we found plenty. We found much to praise about its breadth of software, we found enough to laud about its sticking with Apple, and we even found enough to evangelize about Microsoft's brilliant design. Yes. Microsoft's. Look it up. Unfortunately, as we said yesterday, coming to praise Microsoft is because we also come to bury it.


Hands On: RPG Maker MV 1.0 (OS X, Windows)

10/23, 9:00am

Quickly create your own RPGs and publish them for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Have you ever wanted to design your own game but lacked any knowledge of coding or spriting? Have you had an idea for a game you wanted to share with friends or family? Have you ever thought of selling a game on the App Store? If this sounds like you, then you might want to take a look at what we recently got our hands on: RPG Maker MV.


Editorial: Microsoft is the best Mac developer ever

10/22, 3:15pm

Oh, yes it is. Don't look at us that way

We're not kidding. Microsoft is the best and the most important Mac developer outside Apple itself. Yet, we had to make it clear we're serious, and you did give us that funny look until we said the word "important." You're thinking okay, you can accept important, but unfortunately, you struggle with the word "best," because without question you have had problems with Microsoft software. Settle down, because tomorrow at precisely this time, we're going to examine how Microsoft is the worst OS X developer ever, but today, let's celebrate.


Apple accepts app submissions for tvOS, offers new guidelines

10/22, 7:21am

Submissions of tvOS apps open ahead of fourth-generation Apple TV release

Apple has started to accept app submissions for tvOS, the operating system that runs on the upcoming fourth-generation Apple TV. Following after the golden master of tvOS being delivered to developers for testing ahead of next week's release of the set-top box, developers are now being invited to submit their creations to the tvOS App Store, with Apple also providing extra guidance on how to prepare apps for the device.


Briefly: Find My Friends on iCloud, iOS 9 adoption at 61 percent

10/21, 7:08pm

Friend and family tracker now available on for greater access

Apple on Wednesday added its selective friends-and-family tracking service Find My Friends to its site, letting users sign in on any Internet-connected device to locate friends or loved ones who have the app on their mobile devices and have agreed to have their location revealed to the user. Participants can opt to change status at any time or enable (or disable) the tracking for select periods, such as when a family is visiting a theme park and wants to each go their separate ways.


Apple releases watchOS 2.0.1, tvOS 'golden master'

10/21, 4:15pm

New Watch update fixes bugs, new Apple TV launch imminent

Hot on the heels of major updates to both OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9, Apple on Wednesday offered a bug-fix update for the Apple Watch and a new last developer beta of tvOS, the branch of iOS used to run the current and forthcoming Apple TV models. The tvOS public release will commence with the October 26 launch of the latest Apple TV, while the watchOS update is available for Watch owners immediately.


Apple releases iOS 9.1, OS X 10.11.1, iTunes updates

10/21, 1:24pm

New emoji, Live Photos, lots of bug fixes included in first '.1' update

On Wednesday, Apple released significant updates to both its OS X and iOS platforms with the first major update for each, now at iOS 9.1 and OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan. The two releases focus mostly on squashing bugs large and small found in the first release of El Capitan and iOS 9, ranging from VoiceOver reliability issues to a fix to improve El Capitan's reliability with Microsoft Office 2016, along with notable bugs in Mail. In addition, iTunes has been bumped to v12.3.1, support for Live Photos has been updated, and over 150 new emoji characters have been added.


Publicspace brings El Capitan refinements to A Better Finder Rename 10

10/21, 9:45am

New version gives users more file info, boosts speed of venerable utility

Developer Publicspace has announced A Better Finder Rename 10 for Mac OS X. The renaming engine in the new version utilizes all the latest Mac OS X technologies by using a 64-bit multi-threaded architecture based around the Core Data database system, bringing enhanced speed to the batch renaming application.


Apple blocks all older Flash installs in recent OS X versions

10/20, 9:18pm

Action follows fix for yet another critical security issue in web technology

Following a fix issued on Friday that appeared to plug the latest in a string of critical security issues plaguing Adobe's Flash, the aging web animation technology, Apple has again moved to block any version of Flash that is not the latest for the current and recent versions of OS X. Machines not running Flash version (or for older systems) will receive a message about a "blocked plug-in" or "Flash Security Alert" and be unable to use Flash until they update to the current version.


CodeSwitch converts Objective C code to Swift by drag and drop

10/20, 9:57am

New app converts entire app codebase libraries over to Apple's new language

Developer tool company Nextep today has released CodeSwitch 1.0, its development code converter for Mac OS X. CodeSwitch allows developers to convert their legacy Objective-C application code into Apple's new Swift programming language with a drag-and-drop operation. Simple conversion allows developers to make use of Swift's improved features and speed, without mandating the need for a manual rewriting of the legacy code.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 37: 'Podcast does whaaat?'

10/20, 3:00am

This episode dedicated to the memory of Gary Allen and ifoAppleStore

Yet again, time to set aside an hour and check out the latest episode of The MacNN Podcast, where we geek out about new shiny things from Apple and wonder about the old shiny things, and lament the shiny things that aren't here anymore. From the sadness of saying goodbye to a serious Apple fan to the joy of watching those hilarious new PC commercials, Charles and Mike (and special guest stars William and Malcolm from One More Thing) debrief you on the week in tech.


Apple Auto: Sync upgrade adds Eyes Free, Pandora for CarPlay

10/16, 8:48pm

Second-generation Sync systems gain Siri Eyes Free after v3.8 update

A new software update for older Ford vehicles from 2011 onwards with the second-generation Sync system installed has added support for Siri Eyes Free, Apple's control and command technology designed for automobile use. Once the version 3.8 software update has been installed (which typically takes about a half-hour), "Siri Eyes Free can be activated by pressing and holding the voice button for at least 3 seconds," the company says.


MacNN Deals: Make your own electronics projects with these bundles

10/16, 11:02am

Learn to use Arduino and electronics, fix gadgets with MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's highlights are all things to help you get more comfortable with the inner workings of electrical devices, including an essential repair tool bundle, an electronics kit using conductive ink, and kits for getting started with more advanced project systems, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino robotics.


MacNN Deals: Learn to code, produce apps and games with these courses

10/15, 11:21am

Create apps for iOS, games in Unity 5 with these MacNN Deals offers

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's four listings are aimed at helping you learn to code, including producing apps for iOS 9, learning to use Swift, making games in Unity 5, and getting you started programming in Python.


Fourth OS X 10.11.1 beta released, may fix MS Office 2016

10/15, 1:46am

Company also asks developer, public testers to focus on Mail

Late on Wednesday, Apple issued a fourth OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan beta to both developers and pre-registered public beta testers with the usual mix of undocumented bug fixes and tweaks, but specifically noted that testers should run the latest beta to test both Apple's own Mail program and Microsoft Office 2016, just days after Microsoft issued its own patch and a fix for Microsoft Office 2011 installs (which helped some users but did not resolve all problems) running on El Capitan.


Review: Creative Kit 2016 by Macphun

10/14, 8:11am

Apps and plugins promise to transform your photo workflow

The short version: photography semi-pros and pros alike should grab this set of apps that double as plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. The reason we'e cutting to the chase here is that today is the last day you can pre-order the set at a hefty discount: updated Pro versions of the company's five key image-editing apps, plus two other programs, plus some training materials for $90 rather than the $300 buying each app individually would usually cost (or the normal value of the full bundle with its bonus content, $455). Should you get it? If you've read this far, the answer is "probably, yes, and hurry." We'll meet you in the Reviews department to explain exactly why.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 36: Macphun schway

10/13, 3:00am

A special guest, then back to two old guys complaining about things

Well, no less than 36 episodes in and someone finally agreed to come talk to us! But seriously we were delighted to welcome Macphun's Kevin LaRue, who told us about the company's photo-effects products and their exciting new abilities with Apple's Photos, becoming one of the first programs to work as "Extensions" that add abilities to Photos. Really kicks the program up a notch, and that's after the notch it got kicked up in El Capitan. We also do the usual roundup of tech news for the week, and more.


Google Cardboard SDK update improves Unity support

10/12, 4:40pm

Changes to Cardboard SDK brings Metal rendering to iOS Unity VR apps

Google is adding more features to its Cardboard virtual reality headset and software development kit, to celebrate the search company's expansion of the Cardboard app into over 100 countries for both iOS and Android. As part of an update to the Cardboard SDK, developers will now see improvements to the way it works on iOS, courtesy of changes to how it works with Unity, a popular multi-platform game engine.



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