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Topic: developer

Apple highlights student iPad use to prototype Samoan learning app

03/01/2021, 02:03 pm

Apple has profiled students in New Zealand that are using the iPad to prototype a Samoan language app, created using Apple's educational resources.


Buddybuild shutting down three years after Apple acquisition

03/01/2021, 06:03 am

The developer support service Buddybuild is being shut down by Apple, just over three years after the iPhone maker acquired the company.


Developers can now access App Clips analytics data in App Store Connect

02/22/2021, 07:02 pm

Apple on Monday announced integration of App Clips analytics data in App Store Connect, allowing developers to study how users engage with the new iOS 14 feature.


Apple apologizes for falsely accusing developer of fraud

02/10/2021, 05:02 am

A student developer has had his indigenous language app restored to the App Store, and Apple has apologized for removing it on mistaken grounds of fraud and dishonesty.


Apple increases credit for returning DTK to $500 following developer outcry

02/06/2021, 07:02 am

Apple has increased its offer to developers holding on to its Developer Transition Kit for returning the units, providing $500 of Apple credit instead of the original offer of $200.


State of Apple Silicon - half of the most popular Mac apps still need Rosetta

02/05/2021, 01:02 pm

Two months since the first Apple Silicon Macs shipped -- and seven since the Developer Transition Kit -- very many of the most popular Mac apps have yet to fully adopt the new technology.


Fake App Store reviews spark developer outrage, highlighting need for enforcement

02/04/2021, 09:02 am

An established indie developer has highlighted an all-too-common practice of scam apps gaming the App Store's review system, and is trying to pressure Apple to enforce its developer policies better.


Everything new in iOS 14.5: Mask unlock, ATT, new controller support, more

02/01/2021, 09:02 pm

With the initial beta of iOS 14.5 released to developers, Apple has clearly been hard at work on a pile of new features for users. Here's what we've dug up thus far for iPhone and iPad.


Apple adds App Tracking Transparency rules to App Store Review Guidelines

02/01/2021, 07:02 pm

Apple on Monday announced new changes, additions and updates to its App Store Guideline policies, one of which includes developer instructions for implementing App Tracking Transparency.


Apple to push iOS widgets, App Clips, iPad app ports at virtual developer sessions

01/26/2021, 06:01 pm

Apple on Tuesday invited select developers to take part in a series of informational sessions covering widgets, App Clips and other new iOS 14 features, suggesting the company is looking to boost integration of the capabilities.


Developer files antitrust complaint after Apple rejects COVID game

01/22/2021, 10:01 am

A German developer and lobbyist has filed a complaint with the EU, claiming that both Apple and Google are unfairly rejecting apps with coronavirus themes.


What Apple's new privacy 'nutrition' labels say about some of the biggest apps

12/15/2020, 10:12 am

Apple has launched its "mandatory" privacy labels for apps in the App Store, and while what it tells users about apps like Facebook is eye-opening, other big developers seem to think that the disclosure is optional.


Docker rolls out initial support for Apple Silicon Macs

12/10/2020, 08:12 pm

Software development specialist Docker on Thursday released a new preview build of Docker Desktop that incorporates support for Apple Silicon.


App Store Award winners receive their physical trophies

12/05/2020, 06:12 pm

Winners named in Apple's "App Store Best of 2020" list have started to post images and videos of their physical award, an aluminum version of the App Store icon.


Apple highlights warm developer reaction to App Store Small Business Program

11/24/2020, 02:11 pm

Apple is highlighting developers who are pleased with the recently-introduced App Store Small Business Program, one that stands to cut the standard 30% commission for App Store sales to 15% for many developers.


Apple App Store Connect holiday shutdown is from Dec. 23 to Dec. 27

11/23/2020, 01:11 pm

Apple has warned developers of its annual App Store Connect downtime, a period when the App Store closes to new app submissions and updates for some of the holiday period.


One-time app subscription offer codes arrive on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

11/17/2020, 07:11 pm

Developers can now generate one-time use subscription offer codes for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 apps to net new users, retain existing subscribers or lure back past customers.


Everything new in iOS 14.3 beta: ProRAW, Home updates, Shortcuts, & more

11/13/2020, 09:11 am

Apple has issued the first developer beta of its next big update, iOS 14.3. This update already contains a wide variety of new features and updates, including support for future products. We dive in to see everything new in this upcoming update.


Apple backtracks on App Store removal threat for Unix shell iOS apps

11/09/2020, 08:11 am

Developers of Linux and Unix shells have received warnings from Apple that their iOS apps violate App Store Review Guidelines, with the threat of termination from the App Store said to be reversed in at least one instance.


Developers can now be notified when a user changes their subscription status

10/29/2020, 06:10 pm

Apple has changed its App Store subscription notification system to offer developers more granularity and control when a user changes their subscription status.