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BBC Store opens in UK with over 7,000 hours of new, classic shows

11/05, 11:13am

UK broadcaster makes show archive available to purchase online

The BBC has expanded the online viewing options for its content, by launching its own digital store for its shows. The BBC Store will allow UK citizens to pay for individual shows from the broadcaster for later viewing, with the opportunity to buy currently-running shows for later viewing beyond the iPlayer 30-day limit running alongside classic programs from the BBC archives, all of which can be bought and downloaded to the user's home collection.


Facebook orders product team members to switch from iOS to Android

11/02, 5:56pm

Employees changing from iPhone to Android aids Facebook development

Some Facebook employees are being ordered to switch from using an iPhone to an Android smartphone, for the sake of the social network's development, according to a report. Chief product officer Chris Cox has apparently told members from his team to change their mobile devices, in order for the team to go through what the social network users interact with on a daily basis for themselves and in theory helping to improve related services.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer for new Apple TV, New Google Fiber areas proposed

10/29, 8:19am

BBC bringing iPlayer streaming app to fourth-generation Apple TV

The BBC has confirmed it is bringing iPlayer to the new Apple TV in the future, but not at the set-top box's launch. The popular on-demand video streaming service, which allows viewers in the United Kingdom to watch missed content from the broadcaster's collection of TV channels and radio stations, will be arriving on the fourth-generation Apple TV in the coming months according to BBC director-general Tony Hall.


YouTube attempts to appease content creators over Red subscription

10/29, 6:51am

Concerned video producers told YouTube Red trial will not affect revenue

YouTube will continue paying content creators during the free one-month trial of the now-operational YouTube Red, the streaming service has confirmed. Attempting to head off similar complaints raised at the launch of Apple Music, YouTube insists in a blog post that video producers will not lose out when viewers watch a video while under the advertising-free subscription trial period, and in some cases may actually earn more revenue.


ESPN starts pulling clips from YouTube over Red subscription

10/23, 1:10pm

Deal between YouTube, Disney does not cover ESPN content

ESPN is taking down its YouTube channels, following after the launch of the YouTube Red subscription service by Alphabet, according to reports. The sports broadcaster is slowly turning its videos private and is switching out the YouTube player on its online properties with its own web player, with the likely reason being either legal or financial issues over the monetization of clips hosted on the online video service.


IAB head: 'we messed up' in escalating Internet advertising technology

10/16, 9:25am

Blog post falls short of full apology, launches optional program to streamline ads

In a blog post, Scott Cunningham, the senior vice president of technology at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), confessed to driving the state of Internet ads to near collapse. Saying that the rampant proliferation of Flash and similar technologies has "steamrolled the users, depleted their devices, and tried their patience", the vice president has launched the LEAN ads program, designed to lighten the impact on users, reduce the data footprint of ads, and guarantee viewer device safety simultaneously.


Facebook tests Reactions, confirms working on augmented reality

10/08, 6:38pm

Emoji-based Reactions an alternative to the Facebook Like button

Facebook has finally revealed its alternative to the "like" button, as part of two different ways the social network is hoping to change the way its users interact with each other. A test for "Reactions," emoji-based responses to Facebook posts, is underway in two countries, with Facebook also confirming it is building on top of its existing virtual reality work, by attempting to develop it's own augmented reality version of the social service.


MacNN Deals: Pay what you want for design, productivity bundles

10/06, 8:29am

Courses, resource bundles for WordPress, MS Office on offer at MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today, we are highlighting some of the "Pay What You Want" bundles up for grabs, allowing you to set your own price for courses and asset collections relating to productivity and website design, with ten percent of all purchases going to charity.


Adobe outlines changes to Creative Cloud desktop tools, services

10/05, 4:35pm

Desktop app changes incoming for Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign

Adobe has made other announcements at its MAX 2015 conference relating to its desktop apps, alongside its earlier mobile app updates. New additions to its Creative Cloud desktop tools are detailed by the company, as well as video support and new purchase options to the Adobe Stock content service, the launch of Adobe Portfolio to create portfolio websites, and changes to its Creative Cloud Photography plan. Outside of the conference, conflicting statements from Adobe employees suggest there is uncertainty about Metal being used in Mac versions of Creative Cloud apps.


Adobe adds Photoshop Fix, Capture CC to mobile app range

10/05, 11:30am

Updates to Adobe mobile apps include new CreativeSync file synchronization

Adobe has expanded its app-based offerings with a pair of new mobile apps for editing images while on the move. The addition of Photoshop Fix and Adobe Capture CC to the company's app range accompanies other changes to existing Creative Cloud mobile apps, with many updates for the apps rolling out to users today.


Briefly: BBC switches away from Flash, Facebook trials profile changes

10/01, 12:43pm

BBC starts allowing iPlayer users to view streams in HTML5 instead of Flash

The BBC is moving away from using Flash for its iPlayer on-demand video service, in favor of HTML5. The broadcaster is now allowing service users to opt in to use the HTML5 player to view shows from web browsers including Chrome, Opera 32, Firefox 41, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Safari on iOS. While users of Safari for Mac will still have to use Flash, the BBC has already been using HTML5 to stream video to its iOS app for some time.


Zuckerberg confirms Facebook 'Like' button alternative in development

09/16, 3:01pm

Empathic version of Like button close to being tested by social network

Facebook is working on a feature for the social network that has been called the equivalent of the mythical "dislike" button, co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed. Speaking at a townhall session yesterday, Zuckerberg not only revealed development for an alternative to the site's famous 'Like' button is under way, but also that the company is preparing to trial the new button on some of its users in the near future.


Google Chrome 45 improvements reduce memory usage by tabs

09/04, 8:59am

Fewer resources used in latest Chrome browser release

The latest release of the Chrome web browser has introduced a number of measures to make it faster and less resource-hungry earlier than anticipated. Version 45 of the browser for desktops now incorporates a number of features that can minimize the amount of memory the software uses for tabs and other functions, with one other feature coming out in the coming weeks which could help notebook users extend their battery life.


Mozilla tests Firefox for iOS in New Zealand in preparation for launch

09/04, 6:58am

Global release of Firefox for iOS expected before end of this year

Mozilla has started to publicly show its attempt at bringing Firefox to iOS, with an initial test launch in just one country. The mobile browser has been unveiled in a public preview in New Zealand with expansion to a "few more countries" expected in the coming months, with Mozilla using the limited launch to receive feedback on a number of features before it has a wider release to users in the rest of the world later this year.


Briefly: Google Map Maker relaunches, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 flaw

08/26, 7:58am

Google re-opens Map Maker tool in 45 countries

Google is making its Map Maker tool available to more countries with an increased level of oversight, as part of a second wave of its reopening to the public. Temporarily shut down in May due to cartographical mischief by some users, the tool can now be used in 45 countries, including the United States, with participants able to submit local mapping changes that could be added to the main Google Maps listings at a later time.


Apple reportedly updating Genius Bar, Workshop appointments system

08/24, 6:57am

Concierge web service allegedly being integrated into individual Apple Store pages

Apple is allegedly preparing to make some changes to the way it handles Genius Bar and Workshop appointments, as it merges its online and physical stores into a more integrated experience. Arriving weeks after a refresh to the Apple website making it easier to buy items directly from their product pages, another upcoming change will reportedly do something similar for store appointments on the site, with it possibly happening as soon as August 25.


Chrome 46 for Mac claimed to have major performance improvements

08/21, 6:40am

Upcoming update for Chrome browser helps reduce memory, battery usage on Mac

An upcoming update to Google Chrome may allow MacBook users to use their batteries for longer, according to a report. Version 46 is said to have made a number of improvements to the Google-produced browser to solve persistent complaints about the software, including how much memory it uses and other factors that negatively affect the battery life on Mac systems, as well as the overall speed of the browser.


Briefly: AT&T offers $500 switching bounty, This Is My Jam closing

08/11, 6:54am

AT&T offers DirecTV subscribers up to $500 for switching carriers

After recently completing its acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T is already attempting to capitalize on the relationship between the two companies by tempting DirecTV subscribers to switch phone services. Under the promotion, Forbes reports DirecTV customers can receive $300 in bill credit per line ported with a new smartphone purchased under AT&T Next, as well as a $200 credit for eligible smartphone trade-ins. Subscribers of U-verse, AT&T's existing TV service, can also take advantage of the same offer.


Google rebuts French global 'Right to be Forgotten' request

07/31, 2:23pm

Right to be Forgotten risks serious chilling effect online if performed globally

Google has responded to France's request for the European "Right to be Forgotten" law to be expanded to cover all Google search pages, suggesting it to be a bad idea for Internet users as a whole. French data protection regulator CNIL's formal notice for delisting of requested links has been declared by Google global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer as a "troubling development that risks serious chilling effects on the web."


Apple pushes second beta of iOS 8.4.1 to developers

07/30, 1:30pm

Bug fixes and updates in preparation for fall's launch of iOS 9

While attention and development focus continue on the upcoming iOS 9 major upgrade expected to be delivered in September or early October, Apple on Thursday also updated its ongoing iOS 8-based improvement set of updates with a second beta of iOS 8.4.1, now available through an update directly on iPhones associated with developer accounts or through the iOS Developer Resource Center.


Google separating Google Accounts, YouTube profiles from Google+

07/27, 7:26pm

Google social network no longer central to Google services

Google is making more changes to the way its services work with its social network, by starting to separate Google Accounts from Google+. In yet another move that suggests Google+ is slowly losing prominence, the search company is starting to decouple its services from the site, with YouTube comments soon to be disassociated with Google+ possibly being the biggest news from the company for today.


MacNN Deals: Improve your design skills with these three courses

07/23, 11:33am

Design courses from Train Simple, Udemy available cheaply on MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the discounted items available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today's group are a collection of courses revolving around design, helping you become more creative and possibly kickstart a career in the field.


Google to start shutting down Google+ Photos in August

07/21, 9:53am

Social network losing Photos app in favor of recently-launched service

Google is preparing to shut down the photo-sharing section of Google+, in favor of pushing users to the recently-launched Google Photos service. The search giant is warning that it will begin to shut down access to Google+ Photos within the social network from August 1, with users able to transition their existing Google+ Photos over to the new Google Photos from a prompt appearing on their Google+ account page, as well as within the Google+ Photos apps.


Hands On: Pixelmator 2.0.2 (iOS)

07/16, 7:55am

Even better features, and it's on sale

There are free apps that still aren't worth the money, but generally speaking, apps are either so cheap as to be worth a punt, or so cheap as to be preposterous. Consequently, MacNN doesn't generally rush to do a Hands On of a product which has had some digits lowered in its price. Similarly, we don't exactly race to redo a Hands On just because a product has had the tiniest of numbers added to its version. You know there's a but, or a yet, coming: one of our very favourite image-editing applications has jumped up from version 2.0.1 to being Pixelmator 2.0.2 for iOS, and briefly sunk from $5 to $1. Go buy it right now. We'll wait.


Review: QuarkXpress 2015, part two -- the here and now

07/14, 7:22am

Old friend offers options from subscription-only InDesign

Yeah, that's right, it's a two-part review. Wanna make something of it? To quote a popular Internet meme, "one does not simply review the latest version of QuarkXpress." Although the company has been working diligently to unify its various areas of expertise -- print, HTML5, and e-publishing -- since at least version 9 (2011), this latest edition (initially called QuarkXpress 11, now known as QuarkXpress 2015) may be the one that tilts the digital publishing playing field back in its favor after more than a decade in the wilderness. Is it? We'll find out in part two of our review.


Review: QuarkXpress 2015, part one -- the history

07/13, 8:39am

Pioneer of digital publishing unifies its efforts into coherent whole

The release of QuarkXpress 2015 has given me an occasion to renew an old acquaintance; like many veteran graphic designers, I once made my living using programs like QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, and later, InDesign and even Pages to create various small-press type work all the way up to major magazine and newspaper advertisements, books, and other mostly-printed matter. Quark is back (it never really went away), both because the 2015 release in particular seems to have found its footing in the current design environment, and because it offers an option to those reluctant to climb on board Adobe's subscription-only model for pro apps. Should you switch teams, and throw in with the loyal opposition? We'll find out, but first, a little background on the program -- and the reviewer -- in part one of our full review.


Hands On: Summer Project E-Publishing part 7 -- it's gone wrong

07/08, 1:35pm

The book isn't good enough, and new doors are opening

The e-book of The Blank Screen: Blogging is ready, I could send it to you, and I was about to upload it to iBooks and Amazon Kindle. This week, I was going to be showing you how you get the paperback ready, and that that is a surprisingly intricate little tale that involves new online software that we haven't talked about before. We're not going to talk about it this week either, because the book is not good enough.


Reddit moderators set communities private to protest employee firing

07/03, 5:43pm

Loss of Reddit AMA staff member angers site visitors, moderators

The firing of an employee has caused community outrage over at Reddit today, prompting many parts of the site to be hidden from view by volunteer moderators. A number of the site's communities are setting their subreddits to private in protest of a decision by management to let go of Victoria Taylor, a staff member that managed the famous Ask Me Anything (AMA) section, with readers revolting over a lack of explanation for the site's actions.


Pointers: Summer Project: E-publishing, part six

07/01, 2:49pm

Creating e-books and prepping paperbacks

You're at the stage now where you know you will never have to write another word of your book ever again. Meanwhile, we're at the stage of wondering how to break it to you that you still have some writing to do. However, we've decided to build up to that after taking you through the next stage of the e-publishing process. In this part of the Pointers Summer Project, we'll actually, genuinely, thoroughly produce an e-book. We'll also prepare the paperback, and you'll see why that takes a step more.


Hands On: Tayasui Sketches+ 10.0 (iOS)

06/24, 2:00pm

Responsive drawing app works wonders for those without a stylus

As we've stated before, the iPad has become a viable art tool in recent years, and there's no shortage of app developers who have taken notice. We've covered several different drawing apps, and they've all had their merits and disadvantages. Today, we take a look at Tayasui Sketches+, to see how it stacks up against the other apps that have come our way.


Last Call: Big Deal photography bargain bundle ends Thursday

06/24, 8:44am

Photography resources, software at deeply-discounted price for charity

Last week, Foto Promos announced its largest-ever bundle of resources, software, training, printing, memberships and other pro-photographer education in a special offer available through MacNN and Electronista called The Big Deal that includes over $4,200 worth of downloadable products for just $99. The bundle, which runs through Thursday, has raised over $45,000 for charity, and features contributions from Lindsay Adler, Jared Platt, Dave Cross, KelbyOne, Lee Varis, Gavin Gough, Tony Sweet, Rick Sammon, Phlearn, Photoshop Cafe, Mylio, Eyefi, Viewbug, AthenTech, and B&H Photo and Video, among others.


Hands On Tracing Paper 5.2.1 (iOS)

06/20, 7:28pm

Turn Camera Roll photos into stylish sketches

The recent trend of coloring books geared for adults is intriguing to us. We don't consider ourselves particularly artistic in the area of drawing and painting, but we do occasionally like to dabble. Sure, it's been a while, but we're reasonably confident we can still stay between the lines. The downside is we would have to color in images other people choose for us. We'd like to make our own coloring book, and we think we've found the perfect app to help us make it: Tracing Paper by Hesham Wahba.


Hands On: Napkin 1.5 (OS X)

06/19, 10:41am

Visual tool for marking up documents and images

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and yet writers still hang on to the fact that sometimes you need a caption. Napkin 1.5 is a tool for rapidly marking an image with captions, with annotations, with notes, with doodles.


The Big Deal: pro photography bundle saves money, benefits charities

06/17, 3:00pm

Software, training, discounts, plug-ins, e-books, more offered for photographers

Foto Promos is currently running its largest-ever bundle of resources, software, training, printing, memberships and other pro-photographer education in a special offer available through MacNN and Electronista called The Big Deal that includes over $4,000 worth of downloadable products for just $99. Contributors to the bundle include Lindsay Adler, Jared Platt, Dave Cross, KelbyOne, Lee Varis, Gavin Gough, Tony Sweet, Rick Sammon, Phlearn, Photoshop Cafe, Mylio, Eyefi, Viewbug, AthenTech, and B&H Photo and Video among others.


Adobe updates Creative Cloud apps, introduces Stock option

06/16, 7:45am

Adobe starts selling stock images from within CC suite apps

Adobe's latest updates to its Creative Cloud have been revealed, with new additions accompanying mainstay apps. Improvements to the main app suite including Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, and After Effects CC arrive alongside new mobile apps, with a large contingent heading to Android, while the new Adobe Stock is a marketplace for various assets useful to design projects created within Creative Cloud.


French data regulator orders Google to expand 'Right to be Forgotten'

06/12, 10:03am

CNIL gives Google 15 days to implement search removal requests globally

Google is facing pressure to implement its "Right to be Forgotten" measures on all sites around the world, instead of just the European versions. French data protection regulator CNIL has demanded that Google allows European users to request the removal of certain search results in all global Google search sites in the next 15 days, or face the prospect of having sanctions imposed on the company's activities.


Hands On: Reformator 1.2.2 (OS X)

06/12, 9:24am

A Swiss Army Knife of image tools

It's misnamed. Not that we have any idea what it should be called, but Reformator 1.2.2 does so much more than reformatting that we'd contemplate a name like Image-o-Matic. Within this app, you can convert any or all of your photos between different handy formats, you can watermark them, do certain edits, and more.


Briefly: Google Slides wireless update, Twitch adds private messaging

06/11, 11:23pm

Google adds Chromecast, AirPlay support to Slides apps

Google Slides, the search company's presentations app, has been updated to allow presentations to be shown wirelessly. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app have been given support for AirPlay and Chromecast, letting users take advantage of streaming devices such as the Google Chromecast to show their presentation on a television or alternative display, without needing to hook up a computer.


Briefly: YouTube gains 8K videos, PlayStation Now on Samsung TVs

06/10, 9:43am

First 8K-resolution video posted to YouTube

YouTube is starting to show videos filmed in 8K-resolution, five years after it added support for 4K content. Appearing in the YouTube resolution settings as 4320p, 9to5google reports the label was added only recently, though Google claims the 8K video support has been available as long as 4K. The first 8K video, "Ghost Towns," was filmed on a Red Epic Dragon 6K instead of an 8K-capable device, with After Effects used to stitch together multiple videos to reach the resolution, instead of losing quality by scaling up the 6K content.


Microsoft makes Skype for Web available to all US, UK users

06/06, 11:58pm

Browser-based version of Skype widens beta reach, global availability expected in weeks

Microsoft has opened up Skype for Web to more users, pulling it out of the closed beta and making it available to all current Skype users based in the United States or the United Kingdom. The widening of beta access follows after another web-based Skype change, namely a redesign of how Skype for appears and works for users of the browser-based webmail client.


Hands On: MindNode (OS X, iOS, Apple Watch)

06/05, 11:34am

Excellent mind mapping app gets redesign for OS X and iOS

Two things: first, we have previously said that MindNode in particular -- and mind mapping in general -- is best on the iPad. Second, we have never said, nor even thought of considering saying, that what the Apple Watch really needs is is more mind-mapping apps. Yet here we are with MindNode 2.0 for OS X, which makes us reconsider mind-mapping on the Mac, and MindNode 4.0 for iOS, which tries to tell us we're wrong about the Apple Watch.


Hands On: Nvidia Shield Android TV Console, GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU

06/02, 9:33am

Nvidia shows off its wares at Computex Taipei 2015

Electronista has had the opportunity at Computex Taipei 2015 to go hands-on with the eagerly anticipated Nvidia Shield Console and high-end GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU. Although differing substantially in terms of overall processing power, both share Nvidia's latest Maxwell GPU architecture, and stand to put their respective competitors on notice. Read on for our first impressions of these intriguing pieces of technology, which also includes a look at how the GTX 980 Ti performs utilizing Nvidia's latest VR frameworks on the Oculus Rift.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 17: The Write Stuff

06/02, 7:47am

New Summer Project, MacKeeper lawsuit, Google I/O make for busy week

It's been a big week here at MacNN, covering all the announcements from Google's I/O conference. You might think this wouldn't have much of interest to Apple users, but luckily, episode 17 of the MacNN Podcast is here to sort it all out. Google brought many of its announcements to platforms other than its own, capped off with a new web- and iOS-based Photos program to rival the recently-released one for Mac and iOS from Apple itself, which we talk about and compare.


Briefly: Amazon Echo Google Calendar link, Facebook supports GIFs

05/30, 10:51pm

Amazon Echo can read appointments stored in Google Calendar

Alexa, the virtual assistant that forms part of the Amazon Echo network-connected speaker, has been upgraded to allow it to read Google Calendar events. Android Central reports Alexa can now be linked to the user's Calendar and will respond to queries about it, such as "Alexa, what's on my calendar?" and "When is my next event?" So far, it appears Alexa can only read appointments, not add new items, but this could be included in a future update of the device.


Hands On: Pixelmator for iPhone 2.0.1

05/28, 7:20am

Now also an excellent iPhone app

Where was this yesterday? We were in our car –– properly and correctly in a car park, we would never edit photographs on the Interstate –– and needed to do a tiny bit of work on an image that we'd forgotten to do earlier. Sometimes it's very handy getting to hide behind the third person: we were daft forgetting to do that image, we were daft forgetting to bring our iPads. If this were just about 18 hours later, we could've used the new Pixelmator 2.0.1 on our iPhones.


Hands On: Monodraw 1.0 (OS X)

05/26, 1:57pm

Very, very niche but well done tool

You're not going to need this often, but let's work it out. What Monodraw 1.0 does it let you produce ASCII art -- and already if you're blinking at that, you're not the market for this -- like those images you've seen that are made up entirely of letters. They used to be done on typewriters because we knew no better, they were then done on computers because we were young. The makers of Monodraw want you to do ASCII art because it will last forever. They're right.


Hands On: Carbo 1.0 (iOS)

05/25, 12:03pm

Keep on using paper just a bit longer

Its full title in the App Store is Carbo -- Handwriting in the Digital Age and you're already thinking iPads, stylus or scribbling on the screen, but you're wrong. This is not another app about mimicking the experience of writing on paper, it's not really about replacing paper at all. Carbo is about letting you continue to use paper, but now use it in the digital world: take paper you write on and edit, copy or share it as you would anything you create online from scratch.


Hands On: OmniGraffle 2.1.1 (OS X, iOS)

05/25, 6:33am

Easy to use, hard to spell, super graphics tool now on iPhone

You've got to say this for OmniGraffle: there aren't many other graffles in the App Store. There also aren't many tools that do what it does, and we've enthused before about OmniGraffle's ability to let the artistically-challenged among us sketch out plans, designs and notes on OS X. There's also been an iPad version, but OmniGraffle 2.1.1 is now a universal app, which means it is now on the iPhone for the first time.


Hands On: PhotoScissors 2.0 (OS X)

05/24, 12:52pm

Quickly fix photo problems and remove background blemishes

Erase. Ex. Spouse. Partner. Lover. Delete. There you go: just popping all the terms you'd put into Google if you were looking for software like this. However, it's not solely for removing your heartbreak, PhotoScissors 2.0 is actually excellent when you're making images for use on websites, because it lets you quickly remove unwanted backgrounds and emotional baggage.


Hands On: Folder Color 2.1.0 (OS X)

05/23, 1:03pm

Convenient color coding for visual thinkers

Naturally, you have not filled your Mac's desktop with folders. You've done it with files. But from time to time, when you can't see anything any more, you make some temporary folders and move everything into there. Job done. Until you now have millions of folders and unlike files, folders all look identical. Not any more. Not if you buy Folder Color.



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