Cue, Federighi speak at WWDC about Siri SDK, Messages emoji, more

Pair discuss developers response to Messages, limits to Siri open SDK

Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi took to the podcasting world to answer some questions that had been popping up during this week's WWDC. The pair addressed a wide range of issues, including what Apple is calling the pre-installed app removal process, limits to Siri's new third-party SDK, and further expansion behind Apple's reasoning for additions to Messages.

Appearing on the Daring Fireball podcast, Federighi jokingly noted that developers seemed to be more excited about the additions to Messages, over Apple's new file system that it revealed only after the keynote presentation. Speaking about why the single app got so much attention at the keynote, the executive said that "every time we add emoji it would be the biggest thing. We work all year on a new file system or something and people are more excited about the two more emoji. So we figured if there's one place where we could make a difference in how people experience iOS it's Messages."

Regarding the factory-installed App removal process, Federighi said that the process of deleting apps doesn't remove an entire service, but will delete user data, and necessary hooks. MacNN testing from a bare, factory-clean device shows about 120MB of space freed by the 20-app removal process, device depending, and a note on the Apple support page on the issue suggests the same. The issue is more about freeing up icon space on users' devices, rather than freeing space.

The pair did admit that the Siri SDK has limitations, as currently presented. Federighi pointed to Apple's philosophy of good user experiences, and said that the decision was made because Siri already understands much of what will be called upon by developers for this round of the SDK release. Schiller added that the developer hooks to the digital assistant would be added to over time, but gave no indication of what was next.

The show is not yet live on the Daring Fireball website, but should be made available at some point later today. MacNN will update this post when the full show goes live.


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