Game Replay: XCOM 2 shipping on consoles months after PC, Mac releases

Gaming news summary for June 7, 2016

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, XCOM 2 is announced for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One months after it shipped on the PC and Mac, Psychonauts for the PlayStation 4 ships 11 years after arriving on the PlayStation 2, a fan project to recreate an unreleased Star Wars game gets support from Valve, and Microsoft creates a global championship for Forza Motorsport 6 with 'real-world prizes' for winners.

XCOM 2 arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One in September

Console owners will be able to play XCOM 2 later this year, 2K has confirmed. Already out on PC as well as on Mac, the game will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on September 6, with other territories able to start playing it on the consoles from September 9.

The follow-up to the 2012 release and taking place 20 years after the previous game, XCOM 2 tasks players with taking command of a depleted XCOM force, reduced following the failure by humanity to defeat alien invaders. Using stealth as well as weaponry, this tactical game has players taking down enemies while also trying to increase their team's numbers, in order to defeat Earth's alien overlords.

The sequel has already got a pair of downloadable content packs available for it on PC and Mac, providing extra enemies and in-game items. Polygon reports pre-orders of the game will get unique skins for characters, and a deluxe package will include all currently-released expansions along with the base game.

Psychonauts launches on PlayStation 4 11 years after PlayStation 2 release

A game originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 has made its way to the PlayStation 4, as part of Sony's PS2-on-PS4 program. Psychonauts, which has appeared on multiple platforms, including Mac, was originally slated to appear on the PlayStation 4 on June 7, but GameSpot reports Sony announced it would not be going live. It has since appeared in the PlayStation Store and can be bought for $10.

The Double Fine game features Razputin, a child sent to a summer camp to train as a psychic spy. The action platformer took players into the minds of various characters, with each featuring a different style of gameplay, with Raz collecting merit badges and solving the mystery of the camp as he explores inside each of his teacher's heads.

Earlier this year, Double Fine held a crowdfunding effort to try and develop a sequel to Psychonauts, which ended up raising over $3.8 million. Unlike other campaigns, Double Fine also accepted investment into the game, which offered a cut of the game's profits upon its release. The studio is also working on a PlayStation VR title called Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin.

Microsoft, Turn 10 creates Forza Racing Championship with 'real-world prizes'

Players of driving game Forza Motorsport 6 will soon be able to take part in a developer-run league. Turn 10 and Microsoft are launching the Forza Racing Championship later this summer, which will provide not only a global competition for anyone who owns the Xbox One game to take part in, but one that will provide the best drivers with "real-world prizes."

Revealed earlier today, the championship will be "open and competitive for all," advises the official site, with experienced players and those new to the game able to take part in the same championship, regardless of driving time. Engadget notes few details about the events have been released yet, but it is likely players will find out more during the upcoming E3 tradeshow.

As part of the same announcement, it is revealed that players will get a free car in the game, to coincide with the 84th's Le Mans 24-hour race. Codes will be sent via Xbox Live messages over the course of a week to anyone who has ever played Forza Motorsport 6, which will add the 2016 #66 Ford GT Le Mans race car to their game. A Le Mans-themed Rivals event will also take place in the game this week, to coincide with the free car and the event itself.

Valve lends support to fan project remaking unreleased Battlefront game

A group of fans of Star Wars games has received a vote of confidence from Valve to recreate a game. Russian fans producing a remake of a Battlefront game that was previously worked on by Free Radical Design are apparently being given support by Valve to release the project 'Galaxy in Turmoil' on Steam, despite potential legal issues. While it was worked on and close to completion quite a few years ago, Battlefront 3 was never released by Free Radical Design nor publisher EA.

"It is with great pleasure that as of today (Monday) I am able to officially announce that Frontwire Studios has officially signed a distribution deal with Steam/Valve for the game Galaxy in Turmoil," said Frontwire head Tony Fergie Romanelli to Eurogamer. "After ongoing discussion between Valve representatives and myself, Valve/Steam has agreed to ship Galaxy in Turmoil to its millions of users for free."

The free release is likely to be an attempt by Frontwire to avoid being the subject of legal attacks by EA and Disney, for producing an unauthorized Battlefront game and for using the Star Wars property owned by Disney. It could argue that, by making it free to everyone, Frontwire cannot therefore earn money from the release or turn a profit, minimizing the potential interest from the two companies for recouping lost earnings.

It is unknown when the project will be ready to play by the public, or if it will face more changes in order to minimize further the chance of a lawsuit before its release.

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