Hands On: Satechi Waterproof IPX8 iPad Mini Case

Protect your iPad Mini in the unlikely event that it goes for a swim

We love our iPad Minis around these parts, as they're the perfect size for a portable tablet. They're lightweight, but feature a screen big enough to do just about everything we want them to, which is why we find ourselves toting them to places we wouldn't normally take a tablet, and introducing them to hazards they're not meant to handle. If you want to protect your tablet from the great outdoors, we suggest checking out Satechi's Waterproof IPX8 iPad Mini Case.

Okay, we're going to level with you: the primary protective element of the case is essentially a heavyduty Zip-Lock bag that you stuff your iPad in to prevent it from becoming waterlogged. However, the main thing about the design is that it is one of the most effective designs out there. Because your iPad is encased in thick, tightly-sealed plastic, there's no place for dirt, sand, water, mud, or snow to get in.

In fact, the design features a bit of extra room at the top that allows you to roll the seal under extra layers, and fasten it down with a bit of Velcro. Unlike other life-resistant cases, there's no seams or edges to worry about not being snapped tight enough, no plastic plugs pushed into the ports that might not make a complete seal. So yes, it's a bag for your iPad Mini, and a very protective one at that.

The obvious downside is that the loose plastic bag isn't the most attractive solution. It doesn't lay perfectly flat against the screen, giving it an annoying texture to look through, especially if you're near a lamp or under some type of focused lighting. Your iPad's touch screen will still work while it's encased in the plastic, but you lose a bit of sensitivity, so you're not going to be able to get a lot of touch-heavy, twitch-based gaming done.

Plastic aside, the rest of the case looks nice. It features a front cover similar to that of the Smart Cover, so when you open and close it your iPad screen will respond accordingly. A magnetic clasp keeps the front cover down, protecting the plastic from being marred when it's tossed into a bag with cords, plugs, and keys. You can fold the cover back the same way that the Smart Cover does, giving you a comfortable, hands-free way to watch videos, or catch up on some reading. The case also contains enough foam to offset the weight of your iPad mini, so should you drop it in the pool, river, pond, or ocean, it will keep itself afloat for easy retrieval.

Is the Satechi Waterproof iPad Mini Case for everyone? Probably not, but we personally feel a lot safer toting our iPad Mini into the great outdoors with it. If you're looking to get your own Waterproof iPad Mini Case, Satechi's site sells them at a very reasonable $25 each.

Who Satechi's Waterproof IPX8 iPad Mini Case is for:
If you take your iPad Mini with you, rain or shine, sun or snow, this is a good way to prevent any expensive, water-based accidents.

Who Satechi's Waterproof IPX8 iPad Mini Case isn't for:
If you're not the type to run the risk of dropping your iPad into water, chances are you're probably not going to need this case.

-- Amber Neely (@SurferAmber)

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