One More Thing podcast episode 031: Buying Apple and the FBI

What new devices to get and whether to buy what the FBI's saying

Nobody predicted that the FBI would blink at this point in their dispute with Apple. Certainly Apple didn't: it broke a habit the day before by addressing the issue at its product launch. William Gallagher and guest Charles Martin, editor of MacNN look at what happened and use some first-class hindsight to see why it probably had to happen this way, this time. They're still not buying it, though.

Mind you, in the short term the bigger question is whether they're buying anything from Apple's new launch and the answer there is resounding. OMT examines the new iPhone SE, the new smaller iPad Pro, it spends longer than you'd imagine on Watch bands, and then just as everything is going smoothly, Charles and William fall out over one feature of iOS 9.3. It's not for us to say which of them is right but it's William. So there.

If you're burning with questions about the FBI before you listen to this, then afterwards you might be left with a few remaining embers about UK game shows we have known. You might. If you are, then please let us tell you that every British adult recognises "up a bit, left a bit, down a bit" as being a reference to The Golden Shot. They might also know that "higher, higher, lower, higher" is Play Your Cards Right. We're not saying either of these are great and we're regretting bringing them up, but there you go. We promised to say what they were called as soon as we remembered.

Otherwise, it's a tea- and coffee-laden episode of One More Thing, the podcast that takes place in the MacNN kitchen and occasionally dresses up nicely.

-William Gallagher (@WGallagher)

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    Steve Wilkinson Senior User Joined: Dec 19, 2001

    Note: yes, the world clearly said 'bigger', but they never said 'only bigger'. Apple blew that one and is now kind of fixing it. It will be interesting to see what the sales percentage of the SE is, but I can pretty much guarantee it will be north of 9%.

    And, the new iPad Pro 9.7" would make a great replacement for my iPad 2, but that camera??? What the heck were they thinking? Many iPads spend a lot of it's time laying on a desk, table, etc. I suppose a smart-cover fixes that while it's propped up, at least. But, I almost couldn't believe it when I saw that.

    re: Night Shift - I don't think the science is that shaky on this (and was a bit surprised how Apple presented it... maybe someone high-up at Apple hasn't done the research and thinks is woo-woo kind of stuff?), and it's about a lot more than eye-stress.

    The studies I've seen indicate a pretty major health impact based on the hormone impact from light, how we sleep, when we sleep, etc. including many of our major health concerns like the big C. And, it's interesting that you mentioned shift work, as maybe that's the reason for their holding back? The studies are also starting to show the destructive health nature of shift work, which would have a pretty big impact/political clash if that became well enough known. (Cue the conspiracy theory music.)

    Anyway, for all of this health stuff, I'd recommend a podcast by Shawn Stevenson called the Model Health Show, and he talks a lot about the sleep stuff and the research, and literally wrote the book on sleep! (Sleep Smarter) So, I'm excited about what Apple is doing with/for the health field, but unfortunately, a lot of what people are currently trying to track is barking up the wrong tree. But, at least getting the data collection going is a good thing.

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