New Book from MacNN: Get More from your Apple Software

The best of MacNN's Pointers tutorials, now in one e-book

Brand new MacNN Pointers -- Get More from Your Apple Software. The best of the MacNN Pointers tutorials is now out in iBooks and Kindle for $1. It's out because you asked for it: Pointers began as an experiment one year ago but it's now a hugely popular staple of MacNN with three new guides every week. Talking with you, we think we've figured out why it's popular: we all know that Apple software "just works" but no, it doesn't. There are times it stops working, and there are many more times when you could be doing something faster, easier and better but you don't simply because you have no reason to even know the facility is there.

It's such an issue that we've already done more than 150 separate tutorials, and we're not done yet. You're telling us what you need, we're finding thorns in our work and delving in to solve them for us all -- and you're telling us you want more. To get you what you're asking for, and to celebrate both the 40th year of Apple and the 20th year of MacNN, here's Pointers: the Book.

We have done one thing in selecting from 150 or more tutorials: we've concentrated on the ones that cover Apple's own software. It's a primer to the apps and tools we all have, and we all use every day -- so you'll see how to improve Safari, you'll learn the tips that make Mail far more powerful, and you will also master both the Finder and iTunes. That's no small promise.

One more thing. We're proud of this book, and we also want everyone to have it so we're only charging a buck and we're urging you to use its guides, tell everyone. If your friends -- and especially your family who already think you're an Apple addict -- believe you came up with these tutorials that so help them out, we'll be very happy. Do let us know, though, because if you find this as useful as we hope, we are itching to do much more.

So do go grab the MacNN book now: MacNN Pointers: Get More from Your Apple Software is on iBooks and there's also an edition made especially for Amazon Kindle.

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