OnePlus One getting Lollipop-based CyanogenMod 12 next month

OnePlus still developing its own custom Lollipop-based ROM

Late last month, smartphone maker OnePlus asked their users for feedback on naming the custom ROM for the OnePlus One. An alpha release of the ROM, based on Android v5.0 "Lollipop," has been available at the OnePlus forums since just before the New Year. Today, an interview with Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik confirmed that Cyanogen plans to ship its own Lollipop/CyanogenMod 12 for the OnePlus One next month.

The two companies had worked together to provide a ROM and OS for the OnePlus smartphones until recently. The interview covered recent difficulties OnePlus was having in India due to a recently-signed exclusivity contract between Cyanogen and Indian phone maker Micromax. Since the OnePlus One uses CyanogenMod as its operating system, and Micromax had exclusivity for that OS in India, there was some question whether any OnePlus One phones would be getting an update. Kondik clarified that any OnePlus One units purchased outside of India would be getting an update from his company, which was scheduled for next month.

"We're still behind [OnePlus] for this device," Kondik said, "with plans to ship [Lollipop-based version of CyanogenMod 12] next month, and I have no idea what the future holds beyond that." The appearance of a self-made custom ROM from OnePlus, also based on Lollipop, suggests that the phone maker expects or is preparing to part ways with Cyanogen at some point.

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