Hands On: TextMask (iOS)

App makes it easy to turn the 'caption a picture' technique on its head

These days, graphic design is king (again). More and more people are looking to play around with typography and imagery, particularly using their own photos -- whether it be captions on photos or a Facebook graphic. Rather than shell out money or invest time in learning complicated programs like Photoshop to accomplish this, a visit to the App Store is a great way to get started. TextMask, by youthhr, is a pretty neat app that allows users to create impressive text-masking imagery in just a few taps.

TextMask is pretty straightforward. First, the user selects an image from their photo library or iCloud. Once the images selected, the user then has the option to overlay text which will display the image on the letter itself.

The app comes with over 200 fonts, offering tons of options for even the pickiest designer-to-be. If users are not satisfied with the included font database, they can feel free to install their own fonts via iTunes. The text size is changeable (and this includes height and kerning), and users can feel free to pick whatever color background they think will look the best. After that, it's just a few taps to save to the iOS library or iCloud, or to send via message, email, or social media.

The app is not without flaws, though. Ideally, we would like to see future iterations of TextMask offer text wrapping, as well as a clear ability to delete unwanted text. Still, the app is actually quite fun to play with, and with a little bit of work we think it would be a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection. TextMask is designed for both the iPad and the iPhone, and costs $1.

Who would like TextMask:
Novice designers who are looking to make fun statement pieces, Facebook posters who want to say something with graphics/pictures

Who might not enjoy TextMask:
Those with knowledge of more advanced photo editing programs, or those who have no interest in creating their own designs

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