Giveaway: come trick or treating with MacNN and Electronista all day!

come trick or treating with MacNN and Electronista all day!

Now that Halloween is in full swing (presumably swinging from a noose), it's time for all the little ghosts, goblins, ware-wolves and witches to come out of hiding. It's time for tricks, and it's time for treats, but most of all it's time for a little fun. So this year, come trick or treat with MacNN and Electronista, because we have a big bag full of Halloween treats (and some tricks) to give to our readers. Check back here throughout the day, as the list below will be refreshed when each new treat (or trick) is announced. Have fun everyone!

Since we just couldn't wait to start handing out goodies, we've already announced our first three prizes last night. This list will be updated throughout the day with all the fun tricks and treats that we will be offering, so be sure to check back often! Remember, there's not always candy waiting on the other side of the door that opens.

Door number one: Get electrified and enter to win one of three Kaebo Lightning to USB cables.

Door number two: Feeling wicked? We have three pairs of Wicked Audio Deuce earbuds to give away. Perhaps the "almost illegal sound" will be enough to satisfy the need for evil.

Door number three: Random chance (or possibly some kind of robbery gone awry) landed a big box of brand new Mac Pros in our hands, so we're giving them away. Not one at a time, the whole big box of them. We don't know exactly how many are in there, but don't judge us. We're writers here, not mathematicians!

Door number four: Behind this spooky door are 13 creepy codes for Shifting Blue's Haunted Halloween app. We are giving these codes away to the first 13 people who respond ... and they will have their prize today! So jump in right away, because the they will go quick!

Door number five: Sounds loud behind this door. Must be having some kind of rock concert! Crank up the tunes with this rockin' Marshall brand cell phone case. We have two to give away to our readers. They are available for iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy 4S.

Door number six: Some wicked witch seems to have cast a hex on us, because we just keep giving away all this cool stuff. Behind this door is the 808 Audio Hex SL Bluetooth speaker, enter here, if you dare.

Door number seven: What's scarier -- a zombie apocalypse, or being shot into space? Can't decide? Well the zombie apocalypse has already begun, and we want to launch you and 13 of your closest friends into space on Mars One to start a new life on an alien planet!

Door number eight: We wanted to help you navigate these haunted neighborhoods and graveyards a little bit better, so we are giving away 10 copies of Shifting Blue's app titled Haunted. It's the ultimate guide to finding real haunted locations near you!

Door number nine: We have reached the end of the journey, and only have one prize left to give. It really is quite a nice piece of candy, but mostly candy for the eyes and ears. The A-Audio: Elite HD earphones. No tricks left, just this final treat.


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