Toray shows off self-curing film that covers paint

Toray film cures small scratches in 10 seconds

Japan-based Toray Advanced Film will start selling larger volumes of its Self-cure Coat Film soon. Compared to Nissan's iPhone case, the technology needs less time to fix the damage to the paint, at about 10 seconds. The company thus far has sold a limited number of applications for the film, including as notebook covers.

The company aims to reach sales of about $24.3 million by in 2014, a representative for the company said. It will expand the offerings for portable devices such as cellphones, protect touch panels, and more.

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) contains a self-repairing layer that's formed using a wet coating method. The paint in that layer technically never dries, so it will move to cover up any visible but small scratches over time. The layer has a high viscosity and elasticity that gives it the ability to cushion the device from drops as well.

The film is just 125 micrometers thick, while the self-repairing layer takes up just tens of micrometers. Buyers can specify different thicknesses for different levels of protection as well. The 10-second repair time is only at room temperatures, and will take longer in colder conditions. [via Tech-On]

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