Apple rumored rounding up graphics-heavy apps to show iPad 3

Apple iPad 3 keynote, apps poised to focus on LCD

More if indirect support for an early March iPad 3 launch came Thursday night through assertions that Apple was in "crunch mode" rounding up apps to demo the tablet. The rumor's sources at The Next Web had Apple stepping up the process of finding apps that would showcase the new iPad's very high resolution display. Apple was focusing on "graphics-oriented applications with high-definition assets," the tipsters said.

While some apps would be reserved for the San Francisco presentation, others were being singled out as highlight apps for TV ads. Apple's preferred ad agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, was in the "final phase" of collecting these apps so that it had material ready both during the event and afterwards.

Although unconfirmed, the process would at least be consistent with past behavior. Apple often wants signature apps that it can use to tout a device, such as Infinity Blade II for the iPhone 4S and even as far back as Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone 3G in 2008. Occasionally, developers like Epic Games get advance access and may have a few weeks to either optimize an existing app for new hardware or code a technology demo.

The iPad 3 is widely rumored to be carrying a 2048x1536 screen that would use a newly upgraded A6 processor that would both have better overall performance as well as well as the much faster graphics needed to drive the high-resolution screen and more intensive 3D.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm 02/09, 11:35pm

    Compared to Samsung's 2560X1600, quad processor, inductive layer stylus capable beauty.

    Apple IS indeed falling behind the times.

    Sure miss Steve for pushing the envelope...

  1. facebook_James 02/10, 12:00am

    It is about the consumers experience with the device. I welcome the additional resolution (though still on a small screen) for when I'm browsing websites designed for a higher screen resolution. As far as processing power goes, I've had no issues with the iPad2 and the task I use it for (watching video, streaming music, Pages, Keynote, and a wide variety of iOS games). Additional speed and capabilities are always welcome and I'm confident Apple will not just deliver but knock it out of the park again.

    And to be honest, these devices are extremely affordable - you could always pick up yourself both an iPad 3 and the Samsung tablet and use each for what it is best at.

  1. aaanorton 02/10, 12:18am

    "Sure miss Steve for pushing the envelope..."

    No you don't. You didn't like him when he was around and don't miss him now that he's gone. Your statement has no integrity. Yet you have the audacity to post a link to an article questioning someone else' morality.
    Only a buffoon would not realize his own hypocrisy.
    Also, it's spelled "guess".

  1. Arne_Saknussemm 02/10, 12:45am

  1. wrenchy 02/10, 12:47am

    Yes, Steve Jobs was not a very nice human being. He was just a miserable, miserable man.

    Why would you not sign something if someone asks you nicely??
    Arrogant SOB.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm 02/10, 01:02am

    Just watched the video, Steve Jobs was indeed an arrogant b******, wonder how the family of the man in the wheelchair felt.

    These iFanatics only deserve the best, keep up the good work!

  1. chas_m 02/10, 01:38am

    He's talking to himself now. Of course, that's only because nobody else buys any of his c*** ...

  1. DaJoNel 02/10, 02:17am

    You see victory by your hateful speech against a great man and his company, but we see fear. Maybe rethink your approach. You fear the iPad 3. Don't deny it, why else would you insult it so? You may ask the same about our criticism of Samsung? Ahh, you see? It goes both ways; we're not allowed to criticize your preferred company and its products, either. Well, hey. I say Samsung hasn't done one original thing, and worst of all, the devices are constrained by the limits of Android. Many not even the latest Android, and all proven slower than even the iPad 2. What do you say? The iPad 3 screen is slightly lower resolution! It's not quad-core (and yet the dual core iPad 2 is still faster than quad machines?)! Only fanboys will buy it because we're among a cult! You haven't even seen it. You don't know the specs, although you think specs are everything. You think it sell millions in the first week, which it will. But everyone will buy it. PC users like yourselves will drop everything to go buy one. Android users who wanted to be different last year will try the iPad approach this year. My proof? Every other product launch. It's not about PCs, it's not about Macs, it's not about iOS devices, it's not about Droids. It's about what the people want. And the people have spoken.

  1. Eldernorm 02/10, 10:23am

    OMG... you really referred to an FBI file that says "Several individuals questioned Mr Jobs' honesty stating that Mr Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals," said a summary of the FBI background check."....

    Every politician out there fits this bill. And the sayings of an ex employee that indicates admiration for Jobs but says he is not a nice man is listed.... OMG. What total cr@p...

    Like a person or not..... that you never met is up to you. But it seems pretty shallow to base your feelings on only negative reports in rags that print for click count.

    Just a thought here.

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