Nokia blocks iOS game developer from Christmas charity

Lapland Studio's China event invitation cancelled

Finnish phonemaker Nokia has used its influence to cancel the participation of iOS game developer and fellow Finnish company Lapland Studio in a Santa Claus Foundation delegation that raises money for children's charities. The delegation consists of a number of Finnish tech companies and will take place in Wanda Plaza in Beijing, China, TechCrunch reported. Lapland Studio founder Ilkka Immonen was invited and aimed to demonstrate the company's latest iOS game, Elf Rescue, only to be dropped at the last minute.

Immonen went as far as booking his hotel in China and booking a flight before finding out just days before the trip that his presentation was cancelled. Upon inquiring why he had been denied, the Santa Claus Foundation told him Nokia would not allow an iOS game to have a slot during the presentations, most of which were for Finnish companies.

Immonen wasn't angry, but found the sequence of events amusing and suggested Nokia and possibly other sponsors paid the Foundation off to deny his company's attendance. Nokia has lost influence on the world stage but is still the dominant economic force in Finland.

  1. glideslope 12/19, 08:54pm

    Talk about Rotting Fish. : )

  1. chefpastry 12/20, 12:46am

    Looks like Elop learned a few things from Balmer.

  1. aristotles 12/20, 03:45am

    I am seriously ashamed of my original homeland right now. Grow up Elop or get out.

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