Suppliers: 9.8m iPad 3s due to ship for March or April

iPad 3 to ship in high numbers early on

New part supplier rumors have the suggested the iPad 3 won't launch early. They claimed to Digitimes late Sunday that the new Apple tablet would arrive in the "next 3-4 months," or between March and April like they have in the iPad's short two-year history. Foxconn would start production in January with full-scale supply in February, Citibank analyst Kevin Chang has added, citing his own unconfirmed supplier checks.

Details were possibly emerging about the nature of the transition between producing the old model and the new version. Apple's contractors would make about 14 million to 15 million iPad 2 units in the fall, but that would shrink to just four million to five million in the winter as iPad 3 production began. Between 9.5 million to 9.8 million of the newer tablet would be made in the first three months of 2012, leading to a minimum 13.5 million and a maximum 14.8 million combined.

While still uncertain, the handover would show that Apple fully expected to keep shipments relatively even between the holidays and the winter. Unlike this year, where iPad shipments dropped noticeably between the fall and winter, it would see any lull near the end of the iPad 2's life more than compensated for by the iPad 3 launch.

Little is known for certain about what the next iPad includes, but the repeatedly leaked 2048x1536 display and a faster A6 processor are considered the most likely candidates.

  1. Bobfozz 12/12, 01:13am

    there must be more to it than those two items which would make it just be a PC upgrade. The iPad3 will hold the price of its older iPad2 brethren, which will no doubt have a price drop to clear final inventory. So surely there must be more than just better definition and a speed increase. Maybe they will have 10 cameras! That sounds like something some journalist would write. Maybe it will pump gas, tap dance.

    I want to buy an iPad3, so I will wait and see..,

  1. Salty 12/12, 01:38am

    Pretty sure the new iPad is going to be mostly a spec bump + Siri and a better screen. Perhaps they'll be able to put in better front and back cameras so that people who use it for photos will get a better bang there. Aside from that the whole point is pretty well, big touch screen thing. And it's pulling that off pretty well.

  1. pairof9s 12/12, 10:11am

    Is that no one knows when the iPad 3 will ship or what it will include. Like all rumors and conjecture, this is nothing more than opinions on which to neither plan for nor hold off on purchasing an iPad now.


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