Amazon Kindle Fire UI hacked on to original Galaxy Tab

Kindle Fire UI semi-successfully hacked onto Tab

GigaOM's Kevin Tofel has detailed the process and his experience of hacking his original Galaxy Tab with the Kindle Fire UI. This was possible because the interface is just a launcher app, not a full change of the OS underneath. Hitting the Home button lets the user choose between the standard Samsung home screen or that of the Kindle Fire.

Now, Tofel can read e-books and magazines thanks to the Fire software, with one magazine that he couldn't access through the Kindle app for Android devices. The Amazon Video software also allows renting or streaming movies from Amazon on the Galaxy Tab as well.

The Amazon App Store APK was also installed successfully onto the hacked tablet. The Amazon Silk Browser isn't working, but the more widely available Dolphin HD web browser is.

The tablet does crash, and both the fonts and icon images are too large despite the fact the Fire and Galaxy Tab have the same resolution and screen density. Tofel planned to use the standard Samsung launcher to prevent the crashes, but to keep on using Amazon's Appstore and Instant Video.

The hack has resulted in Tofel giving his Fire to his wife and using his Galaxy Tab instead. He justified his actions by stating he continues to buy Amazon content, that Amazon makes no, if any money, from sales of the Kindle, and that his wife would keep the Kindle Fire regardless.

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