Galaxy Nexus given superboot root hack

Hack is available before phone itself in US

Although the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not scheduled to hit the North American market until December, some developers have already gotten a hold of the smartphone and are releasing hacks for the device. MoDaCo is one, and members already posted a full-access image, known as a superboot. Running the image, a user can root the device the first time it boots.

The superboot is essentially a unique boot image. With it, a user can boot without having to flash any partitions, without altering the contents of the data boot partition, and without overwriting the ROM originally shipped with the Android device.

To run it, an owner of a retail version of the phone might have to unlock the bootloader first. Since the superboot is a modified version of the GSM Galaxy Nexus image, it's unlikely that it will work with the LTE version of the phone on Verizon, which might come carrier-locked.

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