Android 4.0 will support USB game controllers

Android 4.0 has support for USB controllers, HDMI

Like Android 3.0, Android 4.0 will support connecting USB game controllers, Google framework engineer Romain Guy confirmed on his Twitter account. This is welcome news, as Android 3.0 was only meant for tablets, while Android 4.0 will be preloaded onto both tablets and smartphones. At the same time, HDMI output is also part of the spec, which could turn Android 4.0 phones into portable games consoles running on living room HDTVs.

Developers are likely already working to take advantage of this functionality. The Galaxy Nexus has a microUSB port that, with the help of a USB-to-microUSB adapter, could accommodate controllers from many types of consoles. A screenshot of the software development kit that shows the USB features is embedded below.

iOS has already had support for at least Bluetooth game controllers since iOS 4. [via Phandroid]

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