Vlingo sign-ons up 50% thanks to attention from Siri

Vlingo sees huge grows as Siri launches

Vlingo, maker of voice recognition apps for various smartphone platforms, has been on a steady growth over the last week, with 2011 overall being the company's banner year. And with the introduction of the Siri voice action and AI system on the iPhone 4S having been just released, Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan may have been proven right in his belief that the Apple technology and its marketing would be good news for all voice recognition software. The recent growth may also be largely attributable to the company making its app free earlier this month, however, GigaOM reported.

Four million of Vlingo's 10 million customers are on the iOS platform, and Grannan said Vlingo usage doubled after Apple made the Siri announcement. Appropriately enough, Vlingo is preloaded on many Android handsets, including the high-end Samsung Galaxy S II.

Vlingo saw 550 million voice actions during the summer, which is nearly a three-fold increase compared to the 200 million during the fourth quarter of 2010. About 2.5 million users were added in the same period as well. This year to date already saw more voice actions than in the company's history.

Like Siri, Vlingo works based on intention and not just direct commands. The change lets it understand context and perform complex tasks without having to confirm every detail or go step by step through each task.

  1. mr100percent 10/17, 06:58pm

    It's a nice looking app and has a feature list that rivals that of Dragon Go (another Siri competitor). However, the servers must be bogged down or something on Vlingo.

  1. bjojade 10/17, 07:19pm

    I had Vlingo on my moto Droid. Barely usable is how I would qualify it. Sometimes it would work, but ended up frustrated most of the time.

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