Acer hopes ultrabooks will slow down iPad, save PCs

Acer VP hopes ultrabooks cure for loss to tablets

Acer VP Scott Lin in remarks captured Wednesday was adamant that Intel's MacBook Air-inspired ultrabook concept would help rescue the PC industry. Tablets like the iPad were mostly popular because they were light, thin, and had good battery life while focused on entertainment, he said with Digitimes in earshot. Once ultrabooks got to that point, buying habits would "reverse" as people would rather get one ultrabook that did both instead of having both a tablet and a regular notebook.

Buyers would swing back to notebooks in 2012, Lin insisted.

While some signs have emerged of a disputed iPad 2 production cut, the remarks come from a company with a history of predicting the imminent end of the tablet market and the iPad, only to be repeatedly proven wrong and suffer the consequences. A year ago, company chairman JT Wang was arguing that buyers would 'return to their senses', while others at Acer have called the iPad a fad and predicted that PCs would recover, always in the next quarter.

Acer has been falling rapidly in PC share in losses often directly credited to the iPad and Acer's overreliance on low-end notebooks and netbooks. This spring, the company was eventually compelled to change its strategy and fired its CEO as part of a major company restructuring that focused much more on smartphones and tablets. The changes haven't helped so far in the face of deepening company losses and a lackluster if solid entry into tablets with the Iconia Tab line.

Independently, unnamed industry contacts believed that the tablet market would slow down just because of replacement cycles. Tablets aren't as dependent on performance as computers, which need to produce content as much as consume it, and wouldn't be upgraded as often. Whether or not this is true has been debated, since tablets have made large strides in performance and have frequently been bought in place of notebooks rather than just as complements.

Acer's Scott Lin; image via Taipei Times

  1. Paul Huang 09/29, 12:42am

    Not a chance.

  1. Paul Huang 09/29, 01:58am

    There is no designed involved, just decoration. Look at the balloons and all. The decorators (not good enough to be called designers) went straight to the 'Smart Covers' and lifted the colors as swatches and ran with it.

    Of course, by the time they reach market, Apple is ready to dump those colors like used toilet paper.

    Read more:

  1. rvhernandez 09/29, 02:14am

    Kinda hard to use an ultrabook while laying back in bed, and for that matter a MBA as well.

    This guy just doesn't understand that there's a large portion of the population that doesn't want to deal with a large, complex desktop OS just to do simple things. That's where the iPad fits in.

  1. SockRolid 09/29, 03:06am

    Mr. Lin said that Intel's MacBook Air-inspired ultrabook concept would help rescue the PC industry?

    Well guess what. Ice water would help rescue people in h***. Same thing.

  1. road2osx 09/29, 06:13am

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  1. macnnoel 09/29, 06:56am

    Write your post here...

  1. DiabloConQueso 09/29, 08:35am

    ...UltraBooks built by 3rd parties are supposed to slow the iPad the same way that the MacBook Air caused a slowing of iPad sales?

    Did I get that right?

    If Apple can't slow the growth of the iPad with their own, internal UltraBook models, I sure as h*** don't think Acer can, either... no matter how awesome their UltraBooks may be.

  1. kerryb 09/29, 08:42am

    That little girl pink machine he's holding will not stave off the impact of the iPad on Ultrabooks. He could try to Samsung approach and just copy the Air and pass it off as his own.

  1. lamewing 09/29, 08:54am

    These guys really aren't very bright.

    I myself don't have an iPad since my iPhone does everything I need and the iPad doesn't do what I want (accept REAL stylus input plus handwriting recognition in multiple languages such as Japanese). So I am stuck still using my Thinkpad X61 running Windows 7.

    One of these days a tablet that is the size and shape of a notebook will be used LIKE a handwriting input. Until then, I will wait.

    BUT..just because I am not in the market for an iPad doesn't mean that a Macbook Air knockoff is a better choice. Riiiiiigggghhhhttt. What are these people smoking? Do their investors really believe this garbage? People buy iPads because they are small, lightweight and allow them to do numerous computing tasks without a "real" computer. Once iOS5 hits and removes the need for a PC/Mac .... Acer will have to come up with more nonsense.

    [Apple fanboys...please actually read my entire comment before voting me down. Sorry that this post is 100% pro-Apple]

  1. BigMac2 09/29, 08:57am

    It's hard to say something after road2osx post...

    Acer's CEO live in wonderland in is head, he greatly misjudge the iPad success and don't have any clue on why this success happening now. Most people got sick of windows and his scrambles UI, desktop and files paradigm. The iPad offer a new computational age with new paradigm, where anyone goes back equal on knowing how to use iOS and where technical support is no need anymore. The iPad is a safe an reassuring plateform for technology new comer like kids and seniors people.

    Ultrabook-netbook-toyurus laptop in other hand got nothing to offer beside a diminish windows user experience. With all the issue of desktop PCs (Virus, frequent update, drivers compatibility) plus all the issue of ultra mobile plateform (slow processor, small screen resolution, bad keyboard and mouse input). If Acer or anybody else is really serious about competing against the iPad should put their workforce into OS and not hardware, because right now Windows is the main reason why many ones departed from the PC world and goes Post-PC.

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