Amazon rumored adding cloud storage for Kindle tablets

Uncovered Web code hints cloud storage available

Amazon may be announcing more than just an Android tablet at its upcoming press event this Wednesday. The Digital Reader speculates. Based on some HTML code hidden on the "Manage Your Kindle" page, that the online retailer may have given the tablet the capability to pull down personal Kindle e-books that have been stored on the reader's virtual Cloud Drive. The code references "Pdocs_Archival_Support" and may be an allusion to storing personal documents.

In the past, it's always been possible to do a one-direction upload of files from a Kindle device to a Cloud Drive. The material, however, could not be downloaded to a Kindle. The new code hints that Amazon's servers can track whether or not a given Kindle can have personal documents backed up. It is logical, with this flag, that downloads or restoration may soon be possible as well.

Amazon introduced its Cloud Drive back in March. The service provides 5GB of free storage for videos, music, documents or any other type of digital media.

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