Average Ovi Store app downloads more than double App Store

Research firm compares average app downloads

German market research firm research2guidance has found out that the average app on Nokia's Ovi Store was downloaded more than twice as frequently, at 160 percent, of a similar one on Apple's more popular App Store during the second quarter of 2011. In a study, the firm concluded that the average app has a better chance to generate downloads on less popular platforms. The numbers are based on daily downloads.

The firm also looked into other app stores, including Windows Marketplace, which outnumbered the daily apps by 80 percent compared to Apple's store, while RIM's Blackberry App World sold 43 percent more such apps. Only Google's Android Market fared worse than Apple's, at under 5 percent. At the same time, the no-longer significant webOS App Catalog was 95 percent behind Apple's store.

The numbers are largely due to significantly lower competition and a larger user base that craves apps. There is simply less choice, as Apple offers more than 400,000 apps while the Ovi Store is at less than 10 percent of that. The same rule doesn't hold true for lesser known, often manufacturer-specific stores such as LG World! and Samsung Apps, because their user bases are too low.

The future of Nokia's Symbian platform is in doubt by many, as Nokia transitions to Windows Phone 7. The phone maker did promise three new Symbian smartphones within the next few weeks alone, and they will be joined by both more phones and updates to the platform. [via BGR]

  1. dliup 09/07, 06:34pm

    Ovi store is full of junk, thus crappy software will still get downloaded

  1. Zanziboy 09/07, 06:52pm

    If you have fewer applications, the applications are likely to downloaded more frequently as the users have less choice. The more applications, the less the average market penetration of each application, so you would expect fewer downloads.

  1. BigMac2 09/08, 02:27pm

    The dying Ovi store never been a reference for success and its a matter of month before Nokia axe it. I don't give a s**** about relative numbers about some "average" App, give me absolute numbers about top downloaded Apps on every store and then we could talk about real things.

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