Apple's new iPad 2 TV ad includes 'stealth' pitch for Lion

iPad 2 TV spot 'We'll Always' runs

Apple on Sunday night began running its fourth ad (below) for the iPad 2. The promo, "We'll Always," follows the tone of earlier ads and stresses the common human element, that people will always share memories, cook dinner, and make home movies. But with the iPad 2, Peter Coyote narrates, "how we do this will never be the same."

In a not particularly subtle trick, Apple also manages to promote Mac OS X Lion by having a child write "lion" in a handwriting learning app Alphabet Fun.

The ad like earlier examples deliberately shies away from the technical and on what the iPad and its apps can do from a practical perspective. Countering ads from other companies, including LG and Samsung, have so far mostly dwelt on hardware specifications and software features that don't resonate with customers. Marketing is believed to play a crucial role in communicating the advantages of an iPad and have contributed to Apple getting 61 percent of the tablet market where the remaining portion is divided between every Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and Windows slate combined.

Apple typically follows a similar theme in ads for the lifetime of a product and may not switch strategy until the iPad 3, which most expect in early 2012.

  1. johnpford 07/24, 10:36pm

    Where are the 39 percent. I certainly don't see them.

  1. bennco 07/25, 06:24am

    Hey all you MaCNN kats.. Anyone know how to find what the apps are that they use in these advert with just iTunes or a browser on a mac? (I don't have an iPad, but I would like to know what that last children's app is) - Thanks

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