System restore app Deep Freeze Mac 5 adds Lion compatibility

Retains, recalls 'frozen' computer states

Faronics is updating its system restore app, Deep Freeze Mac 5.0, with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility today. Geared toward IT pros, the software can return a Mac OS install to previous, preferred state, eliminating the need for rebuilds, re-imaging or troubleshooting a major error. The software supports dual boot and virtual machines with both Mac and Windows support in a mixed environment. It also ships with anti-virus and anti-executable protections.

Deep Freeze v5 allows an IT manager (for example) to map individual accounts or by user type, saving the back-up state on a separate partition, called a ThawSpace, keeping preset documents, images, bookmarks and other necessary data until updated by a newer back-up. On restarts, the current "frozen" state is used to boot into a safe system.

The software works with OS X 10.4 and higher, with compatibility ranging from older Macs on PPC chips to newer Macs running Lion on Intel chips. Company contact is required for pricing.

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