Angry Birds Seasons adds 'Summer Pignic,' 30 new levels

Release limits gamers to one level per day

Rovio has launched 30 new levels of summer-themed gameplay in Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone and Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad today. The Seasons version of the popular game series, pitting flying birds with unique skills against evil, egg-stealing, green pigs with engineering talents for setting up a variety of bird-safe structures, periodically adds levels related to seasonal, holiday or cultural celebrations, including such additions as Go Green, Get Lucky (St. Patrick's), Trick or Treat, Easter Eggs, Hogs and Kisses (Valentine's Day), Season's Greetings and now Summer Pignic.

The Summer Pignic update features sunny skies, beaches and sunflowers in the background, with objects like ice cubes, glasses and pitchers of lemonade, kites and flowers on the field of play. Strawberries, bananas and donuts will also be in spotted, and some of the pigs are wearing sunglasses or summer hats in this new set.

The update offers a twist over previous updates in that gamers can only achieve one level per day - upon completion of the first level, the game shows a countdown clock with the hours and minutes remaining until the next level unlocks. The 30 new levels bring the game's total to 110 levels of play. Of the two versions, the HD version is sized to the iPads larger screen.

Angry Birds Seasons requires iOS 3 or later and works on all iOS devices, while the HD version requires iOS 3.2 or later and is iPad-only. The standard version is $1, while the HD version costs $2.

  1. charlituna 06/23, 11:42am

    As much as I love this game I really hate that they split it into multiple apps. There should be one Angry Birds game (or two if you want to have one for the ipad and one for the iphone/ipod touch) with all the levels in it, free or otherwise.

    And yes I wish that Apple had followed up on their 'preference' that free versions unlock via an IAP rather than a second paid app by making that THE required way to handle such things.

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