IvySkin launches Wrangler Quattro4 case for iPhone 4

Case uses polycarbonate, aluminum with glass grill

Ivy Skin has released a military-grade iPhone 4 case, the Quattro4 Wrangler. The case combines a hard resin exterior, and uses polycarbonate, aluminum and TPU with shock-absorbent material as an inner liner. The iPhone's headphone plug and on-off switch are covered with moisture resistant seals. The volume control buttons are also covered, and the dock connector is covered by a snap open door when not charging. The case uses a polarized front face touch-through grill to protect the iPhone screen.

The case is a universal fit for all makes of iPhone 4 and ships in black, red, white and blue. It is also available in a black or white special edition version that includes four home button replacements in differing colors. The standard editions sell for $50, while the special editions are $65.

  1. facebook_Jessica 08/05, 08:28pm

    I bought this case in July 2011. When I received the box it stated Quattro 4. No where did it indicate that this was a Wrangler. Afraid to open the package, I tried to reach customer service via phone and it was impossible to reach anyone by phone. I tried for 3 weeks and finally got a hold of someone who confirmed that this was a Wrangler Case instead of the previous Quattro 4 model. So now I use the case- I notice the "-" volume button would constantly get stuck and lower the volume on my phone so I was missing phone calls, text messages & notifications. Then I noticed the screen would remain lit during phone calls- causing me to accidentally put my phone on mute or hold during calls. When I would remove the glass from the case and hold the phone up to my ear this was not an issue. So it was the glass that kept the screen lit. Soooo... I use my phone on a dock and realized that I can not place it on the dock with the case and removed it from the case. Upon reinserting the phone into the case the glass SHATTERED!!! I paid $65 (because I got the Alpine-SE case) on a piece of useless c*** that IvySkin upholds and brags about this 'award winning design'... WORST CASE EVER!

    I read reviews from other people and wonder if they were smoking crack or if IvySkin got some employees to post reviews with high ratings because really this case is NOT worth it!

    I would NOT Recommend this to a friend.

    IvySkin company is also not approved by the Better Business Bureau. See link below:

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