Huadian promises to directly clone iPad 2

Chinese company Huadian promises iPad 2 clone

Chinese electronics maker Huadian has stated it will soon build a tablet that will mimic many of the design features of Apple's very popular iPad 2. These include an alloy contstruction, 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and identical 8.8mm thickness. According to GizChina, the device will be noticeably inferior on the inside and sport an 800MHz AMLogic CPU, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory. There is no word on the OS, but it's likely to be Android or a freely distributed system.

Other specs include front- and rear-facing cameras of so-far unspecified megapixel count, a GPS sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity. The clone should be out in about a month's time, though prices aren't known. [via CrunchGear]

  1. SockRolid 05/11, 01:18pm

    It's not the hardware, you idiots.

    It's the *experience*.

  1. B9bot 05/11, 01:28pm

    It's also the operating system which gives you that experience. And just because you can do flash doesn't mean it is a better device. It just means your device will crash twice as much!
    They'll probably use piss poor Windows for there operating system and it will be slower than an Apple 1. Even the Chinese people won't buy it when they know they can get the real device that really works and gives them the real experience which is the OS and the software that runs on it.
    There clone will be a huge failure!

  1. B9bot 05/11, 01:31pm

    In nine months time the iPad 3 will probably be out and there specs for there piss poor clone will be out of date. Functions will look silly in comparison and no one will want it anyways because it will be OLD technology.
    Apple is 1 step ahead.

  1. facebook_Gary 05/11, 07:08pm

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  1. facebook_Gary 05/11, 07:08pm

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  1. perthdave 05/12, 12:57am

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