Queen Elizabeth allegedly orders an iPad for her own use

Impressed by large screen, grandsons' demo

Yet another world leader has opted to become an iPad 2 user. Following President Obama's lead, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth has acquired an iPad for her personal use, according to a report in the British tabloid newspaper The Sun. Reportedly the monarch was given a demonstration of the device by her grandsons, princes William and Harry. She was said to be impressed by the ease of use, the large screen and light weight of the device.

The report has not been independently confirmed, and The Sun is not considered the most reliable source in British journalism circles, but the story is generally believed to be true.The princes have said previously that the 85-year-old queen is pretty technologically savvy for someone her age, and "think she's really cool" for getting an iPad, which they both reportedly own as well.

Her Majesty is not new to Apple products -- having purchased an iPod back in 2005 -- and was given a newer model in 2009 as a gift from President Obama in 2009, pre-loaded with pictures of the Queen's previous U.S. visit and a selection of Broadway show tunes. The report quotes an unnamed palace source as saying "She thinks it will be great to keep her entertained on all the long trips she has to make."

The newspaper accompanied the report with a list of five apps it suggests for the Queen (in jest), including the UK equivalent of Groupon (called Vouchercloud), the newspaper's own iPad app, a horse-racing app for monitoring races around the UK, and a dog-to-human "translation" app called Bowlingual for "talking" with her prize Corgis. [via AppleInsider]

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  1. imNat-imadouche 05/09, 10:48pm

    does produce products for the lowest common denominator. That's why a lot of simple people follow Apple blindly.

  1. chas_m 05/09, 11:25pm

    ... actually need a SECOND sock puppet?

  1. perthdave 05/09, 11:53pm

    A device fit for a Queen.

  1. tortenteufel 05/10, 02:07am

    Prince Charles will be king soon! She's picking up a hobby!

  1. facebook_Tom 05/10, 11:21am

    Could you PLEASE not refer to the Queen as a "world leader". It gives the impression she has some sort of actual power. She is the head of state, but the Prime Minister is the UK's *leader*, not her

  1. loudpedal 05/10, 12:17pm

    Man, she really knows her stuff!

  1. facebook_Clarence 05/10, 05:56pm


  1. Paul.Rhoades 05/11, 11:34pm

    Her Majesty is not the first grandmother named Elizabeth to fall for the iPad. Check out http://youtu.be/B3JgZnKBPC8.

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