Dell Streak 7 copy gets 1.2GHz chip, Android 2.3, more

Streak 7 copied by Welldone, gets 1.2GHz CPU

Dell's Streak 7 tablet has been copied by an outfit called Welldone and is now available for order from China. Unlike the genuine gadget, it can make phone calls and has Android 2.3 preloaded rather than Android 2.2. The battery also has a slightly larger capacity, at 3,000mAh versus 2,780mAh.

There are some drawbacks, however, including a single-core ARM Cortex0A8 chip rather than a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core, ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and its seven-inch screen has resistive touch input rather than capacitive. There is also just 4GB of storage onboard rather than the 16GB in the Streak 7. HDMI, Wi-Fi and external 3G are standard. This last feature implies the 3G connection comes by way of an adapter of some sort.

Price is obviously another huge advantage, with the fake priced at the equivalent of $180 while Dell's offering in Wi-Fi only guise costs a much more expensive $378.

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