State Farm outs driving coach app for iPhone, iPod

State Farm outs Driver Feedback app for iPhone

Vehicle insurance company State Farm has just launched a Driver Feedback app (free, App Store) that turns iPhone and iPods into digital driving coaches. The point is to foster and encourage safe driving habits that decrease the likelihood of a crash. The iOS device's accelerometer is used to monitor acceleration, braking and cornering forces that are used to give drivers a score.

At the end of a trip, a score is given to the driver, who has his own profile. Potentially dangerous driving actions are recorded and tips are given if the software labels a driver dangerous. A map will show where the potentially dangerous driving happened, users can compare scores between profiles and average scores are kept.

The information collected by the app isn't sent out to State Farm or anyone else, the company said.

  1. glideslope 05/02, 04:44pm

    Is not sent to State Farm? Prove it.

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