Apple updates iBooks app, improves stability and performance

Improves video playback, long tables of contents

Apple today updated their iBooks app for iOS to version 1.2.2, bringing with it important stability and performance improvements, including addressing issues that occur when playing video from enhanced books from the iBookstore, and issues with books that have very long tables of contents. The update also resolves a problem were some books would open in a different font than was expected, and improves overall responsiveness.

Despite being an Apple application, the iBooks app is not automatically included on iOS devices and must be downloaded from the iTunes App Store (free). The program offers the ability to read and display bought or downloaded e-books either from the iBookstore or other sources as long as they are in the ePub format, and also supports the management and reading of PDF format files.

The iBookstore uses an existing or new iTunes ID as credentials and offers both free and paid content. The app allows users to change font sizes, search within the content of books, bookmark places to return to or make notes, and keeps the users' place in a book wirelessly in sync across devices. The program also has text-to-speech capabilities and can even print content from PDFs and notes wirelessly using Airprint.

iBooks v1.2.2 requires an iPhone 3G or later, an iPad or an iPod Touch (2nd generation or later) using iOS 4.0 or higher. iTunes 9.2 or later is also required for management of books and PDFs.

  1. facebook_Timothy 04/21, 09:21pm

    The "i" in iBooks stands for...instability!

  1. chas_m 04/21, 10:04pm

    I read, download and purchase using iBooks every day. I've never had an issue with it, though I haven't yet bought any books with embedded video so perhaps I've just avoided the problems.

    iBooks and the iBookstore have been great for me on my original iPad.

  1. MyRightEye 04/21, 10:29pm

    Oh wait - that's because I have both an iPad, and a Kindle. Trying to read books on the iPad is insane.

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  1. facebook_Timothy 04/22, 01:53am

    Why, it's the sound of chas_m munching away on a bag of dicks. Nom nom nom.

    You're an a******. A real a******. A complete f****** C********* and a worthless human being.

    But hey, at least you have an iPad, right? DOUCHEBAG!

  1. Zaren 04/22, 01:56pm

    It's still a bit slow on PDFs, but not unbearable. I might actually be able to read books in that app now... and get rid of my other readers in the process.

    And before you say "screen's too small!" - I've read a number of books on a Palm Pilot; this screen is still a step up :)

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