Three family magazines launching on the iPad

Includes 80-year-old Better Homes and Gardens

Meredith Corporation is bringing three of its most popular magazines -- Parents, Fitness and the venerable Better Homes and Gardens -- to the iPad, complete with additional content and interactivity. Currently available as single-issue sales, the digital editions cost the same as newsstand editions ($3 for Parents or Fitness, $4 for BH&G). The company has hinted that it may offer subscriptions on the iPad via a third party such as Zinio rather than use Apple's subscription model.

Meredith also plans to offer the magazines on Android tablets, again using a third-party (Next Issue Media). Apart from the new titles announced today, the company offers Family Circle and More magazines through Barnes and Noble's NookColor e-reader. They plan to roll out additional titles on all platforms periodically.

All three magazines will be available monthly and feature supplemental, interactive and additional content, including behind-the-scenes videos beyond photo shoots with designer showcases, shopping and cooking demos; workout videos; product recommendations accessible via "hot spots," and Parents magazine will be offering a Parents Playroom with games, DVD and calendar listings, child-focused craft videos and other features, such as an age-by-age article guide rather than a traditional table of contents.

All three titles are available through the iTunes App Store now.

  1. charlituna 03/17, 12:17am

    trouble I see there is that Zinio will have to put in app in their app which is the same result as if they had their own app selling the issues by subscription. AND they would be restricted to whatever features the Zinio reader supports which might mean less than their own app. not really a win

  1. Titanium Man 03/17, 02:13am

    "The company had partly backtracked on the rules when CEO Steve Jobs said the new subscription rules were only for publishers and not subscription-as-a-service providers."

    I think Zinio falls into the latter category.

  1. ethical_paul 03/18, 09:00am

    Titanium--sure, maybe Zinio is a service, but that doesn't remove the fact that these magazines are subscriptions.

    So pretend that Zinio in itself can clear app review.

    But these magazines still must use IAP in order to sell themselves within their apps.

    This is why charlituna said that zinio would have to utilize IAP--not because of zinio, but because all apps that sell in-app content must do it using IAP.

  1. Titanium Man 03/20, 12:25am

    Zinio is not a publisher. It is a subscription-as-a-service provider. It creates no magazine titles on its own, just like Amazon doesn't hire authors to write books and Netflix doesn't make movies. Your last paragraph shows dismal reading comprehension because it contradicts the quote from the article I cited. It's not "all" apps.

    I don't think you know what Zinio is. It's been around for a while and is available in the App Store. It doesn't need to "clear app review" because it already did that a long time ago. I know because I've been reading magazine subscriptions bought through Zinio and read on the Zinio app since I got my iPad almost a year ago.

  1. ethical_paul 03/21, 08:13am

    > I know because I've been reading magazine subscriptions bought through Zinio and read on the Zinio app since I got my iPad almost a year ago.

    You won't be for long--not unless they use IAP

    They won't be allowed to "pass along" their purchase stuff to a third party who then wants to claim "hey, I'm a service, not a subscription!!!"

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