Toast 11 ships; Pro version adds Photoshop Elements, more

Works with Flash, DivX Plus HD, MKV

Roxio has released Toast 11 and Toast 11 Pro, offering a major redesign and a new interface. The apps sport tools for repairing, transcoding and burning media, and the new Pro version incorporates software like Photoshop Elements to help with media production. Both titles have various upgrades over Toast 10, like saving customized video profiles, an improved updating mechanism, and the ability to burn to several drives simultaneously. Other headliners in v11 are direct uploads to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo; the locations of YouTube videos can posted on Twitter.

Miscellaneous improvements include conversions to iOS-friendly codecs, with VideoBoost optimizations -- when a Mac has NVIDIA Cuda support -- for converting or encoding H.264 high-def video; also present is better streaming Internet audio capture, DVD clip extraction, and analog audio capture. During the audio capture process, Toast now ignores other application sounds.

New format support handles Flash video along with DivX Plus HD and MKV files, and converting audiobook CDs for iOS. With DVDs, subtitles are preserved for iOS.

Differences in Pro include a Blu-ray burning plugin, which can be bought as an add-on for the regular Toast 11 and allows burning to Blu-ray discs and DVDs. Photoshop Elements provides organization, online storage and photo editing capabilities. Soundsoap 2 SE and its new audio unit plugin are bundled, as is FotoMagico 3 RE for slideshows. Soundtracks can be made via Sonicfire Pro 5, which features mood mapping and a library of scores to pull from.

Toast 11 requires an Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 and 1GB of RAM, although 2GB of RAM is recommended for the Pro version. For VideoBoost, a compatible NVIDIA video card and 4GB of RAM are demanded for optimal performance.

Roxio is selling Toast 11 for $100, with a $20 mail-in rebate available. Toast 11 Pro is $150, again with the same rebate option. It can be downloaded now or bought at retailers like Apple, Best Buy and Amazon in the near future.

  1. Gazoobee 03/09, 01:32pm

    Toast is such a horrible, awful, poorly designed POS program I just find it astounding that people actually like it and use it.

  1. galley 03/09, 02:25pm

    I discovered that Apple's own multi-threaded Disk Utility has been able to burn disc images to multiple drives for at least the last couple of years. It can concurrently burn the same image to multiple drives, or multiple images to multiple drives. I've only tried the multi-threading with two drives (my 2008 iMac's internal, and an external La Cie). When I'm burning lots of DVDs, I get both of the burners on the iMac going using its Disk Utility, and also run my MacBook's Disk Utility to burn DVDs on its internal burner from the same disc image file(s), which are usually on an external drive shared on my network from the iMac. Really speeds up the process, and I've had no trouble with bad burns.

  1. Feathers 03/09, 03:02pm

    Wow, someone actually exploiting CUDA! With two CUDA capable cards in a machine, transcoding would seriously scream! I like where they're going with this. I don't like the idea of the application moving from being a burning utility, which it was always very good at, to becoming some sort of an half-assed media authoring app. Sounds too much like MS Word that completely went to the dogs when they tried to turn it into an everything app! I like the VU's which is something that Mac apps have always had over their Windows counterparts... beautiful design.

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