Recommerce sites offering cash for current iPads [U]

Varies by site, but resale value is still high

[Updated -- due to overwhelming demand, offered prices have been adjusted] Sites that offer to buy users' now "previous generation" iPads are still offering good prices for used first-generation iPads, varying by site but offering up to $600 depending on models and condition, the money from which can be used to buy the just announced model. Among other sites, and have specifically posted prices for good-condition iPads. Some sites will "lock" offers for up to 30 days to ensure time for the new models to arrive in various places. conditions their offer on various questions regarding condition, but as an example we priced a good-condition 32GB Wi-Fi iPad and got an offer of $285. The company also specializes in smartphone buying, particularly the iPhone. has posted a list for various models and assumes they are in good condition; the same 32GB Wi-Fi fetches $340. Gazelle had posted higher prices for iPads for a limited time, but was so overwhelmed with demand for trade-ins that they had to withdraw the offer well before the expected end, which would have been Saturday. The company does still offer to "lock-in" their offers for up to 30 days. Gazelle said in an earlier statement that they expect five to 10 percent of their consumer sales will involve trade-ins of the first-generation iPad, but they have since indicated that activity surpassed expectations by a huge margin.

Both companies use safe data recycling practices to ensure that all consumer data on traded-in items is thoroughly destroyed.

  1. facebook_Justin 03/02, 11:42pm

    Just thought I'd give all of you guys a heads up, you can get $400+ for a 16GB USED on eBay. Don't go with these scammers, they will give you very little money. I You can get almost the full purchase price by selling on eBay, I do it all the time. Got $310 for an iPhone 3G used less then a year ago!

  1. chas_m 03/03, 03:08am

    Might have been true yesterday, but starting tomorrow the used market will be flooded.

  1. facebook_Justin 03/03, 09:50am

    Looks like started a sell your gadget service doing the same thing. pretty good for people trying to get rid of their 1st gen ipads and at&t iphones.

  1. Feathers 03/05, 07:09am

    If these companies are offering "good prices" and they need to resell them at an even higher price to turn a profit, who the h*** is going to be the ultimate end user of these 1st Gen devices? With no warranty and a battery that is already a year old, they're hardly an attractive proposition at such resale prices, are they? I can understand private people buying and selling on eBay without a company needing to take a cut in the middle but I simply don't get this one.

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