Verizon cuts Droid prices by up to $100 ahead of new wave

Verizon holds huge Droid phone sale

Verizon made clear its intent to clear its slate for new Android phones on Tuesday by launching a major Droid Promo. The deal cuts the prices of most Droid-badged phones by as much as $100. Most of the HTC- and Motorola-made phones are now free on a contract, even including the Droid 2 R2D2 edition.

The only devices that still have an up-front price include the more recent and advanced phones, such as the DroidPro ($80), Droid 2 Global ($100) and the non-refurb Droid X ($50). Verizon hasn't said when the promo ends but does note that each needs a smartphone data plan along with voice.

Its pricing is almost certainly to clear out stock ahead of new models, starting with the HTC Thunderbolt. Verizon might also be preparing for the HTC Merge and Motorola Droid Bionic in coming weeks, and in the longer term the LG Revolution and Samsung i520.

Apple isn't believed to have a direct effect. Motorola has acknowledged that the iPhone triggered a slowdown at Verizon, but HTC is also a part of the new price slash.

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    Here is a similar story

    Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in about 12 hours and it will probably have Verizon 3G baked in. Recent moves by Verizon and Apple point to the likelihood of a Verizon compatible iPad 2 .

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