OWC adds Plex, Blu-ray, RAID storage to 2010 Mac Mini

Set up allows iOS device mobile access, control

Other World Computing has launched a home theater package centering on Apple's Mac Mini, the OWC Media Center Solution for the 2010 Mac mini. The new service, which was previewed at the Macworld Expo, will preconfigure a 2010 Mac mini with Plex's digital media front-end app, add 4GB of RAM to the machine and bundle a portable Blu-ray burner and an OWC Mercury Pro Qx2 RAID 5 external drive, with either four, eight or 12TB of storage space. Combined with either an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid or HD DVR, the package can record and store Live TV, seek out streaming video via Plex apps, like Netflix, Joost, Hulu, Vimeo and YouTube, and back up DVD and Blu-ray movies for later streaming.

The Plex Media Center software can stream to and communicate with iOS devices using an installed iOS app. It can stream movies from the Mac, allows an iPad or iPhone to control playback when watching on a HDTV and allows the iPhone to control and access media from the Mac mini when mobile.

The new package will be on display and demonstrated at OWC's Macworld 2011 booth during the expo, which runs from today through Saturday in San Francisco. Pricing will be announced next week.

  1. MyRightEye 01/27, 05:55pm

    So WTF is the point of a BluRay option. If someone needs BluRay, they can buy one from Newegg.

  1. testudo 01/28, 12:25pm

    I've tried Plex a couple of times. I've found it to be really limited in capabilities and usability compared to the software it's based off of, XBMC. XBMC let me work with the mac's remote, have my media anywhere, and was easy to play stuff. Had issues with all that with Plex.

  1. aussiearn 02/02, 10:36am

    Plex is really, I mean really simple to use with a mac remote..

    1) Go to Settings which is conveniently located on the Main Menu Screen.
    2) Go to System
    3) Go to Input Devices

    there you will see Options under which will be listed Apple Remote, simple make sure -Always Running is selected.

    BTW I have Plex Media Manager pulling content from 4 drives I have connected to my Mac with no problems. The new Edit Metadata from contextual menu is awesome!!!

    The most difficult thing was making sure TV episodes where labeled correctly so it pulled up the correct info from the TVDB, but most of that was my own fault for being lax in my naming conventions.

    Netflix streaming on Plex is awesome as well and all done with my apple remote.

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