Ocosmos brings Atom-powered portable gaming devices to CES

Ocosmos brings Win 7 gaming pad, tablet to CES

Korea-based Ocosmos came to CES not with the slideout QWERTY equipped OCS1K portable gaming device teased last weak but rather a fairly similar OCS1U that did without the keyboard. Only a heavily wired up version was running at the booth, showing off a Windows 7 interface with a custom overlay that showed off the games, which were also not ready for a demo. This device shared booth space with the OCS9 tablet that also promised not only gaming but a more productive work experience as well.

It did not run, however, at the time of our visit. Both products share Intel's 1.5GHz Oak Trail Atom processor. The large, 9-inch, 1024x768 OCS9 is paired with a Bluetooth remote control that has a touch-operated QWERTY keyboard. The outer edges of the remote has what the company is calling its Omos key. It's a mixture of a D-pad and a joystick and is said to be capable of replacing the functions of both a keyboard and mouse. It also has a front-facing, 1.3-megapixel camera and a 3.1-megapixel, rear camera.

The OCS1K has a 5-inch screen, 1024x600 screen, 32GB of storage space that can be doubled, while the OCS9 will have 64GB as standard. Either runs on Windows 7. Just some of the relatively high-end games that Ocosmos promises it will make available on its platform include StarCraft, Sudden Attack and Halo.

The OCS1K's specs are said to include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional 3G, USB 2.0 and GPS. Its 5-inch capacitive LCD panel has a 1024x600 resolution.

Despite the earlier promises, Ocosmos was still not ready to discuss pricing or ship dates for either device.

Ocosmos OCS1K

Ocosmos OCS9

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