Briefly: Pearson outs Grammer Jammers, Mail Stationery 2.0

iPresentee adds new stationery templates

Pearson has launched its first elementary school application for iOS devices, Grammar Jammers. The new app provides interactive videos that have been designed to help kids learn the basic rules of grammar in a fun, melodic, and memorable way. Each level presents direct instruction through animations, followed by opportunities for students to apply their new knowledge. Students are also presented with various rewards for working through the interactive quizzes. Grammar Jammers is available in three versions: a free Primary Edition for grades K-5, a $3 Elementary Edition for grades 2-4, and a $3 Middle Edition for grades 4-6.

iPresentee updates stationery offerings for Apple Mail

An update to iPresentee's Mail Stationery collection has upped the total number of templates for Apple Mail to 160. Mail Stationery 2.0 maintains 60 templates from the previous release and adds 100 all new designs. Most of the templates also include extra design variations, allowing users to customize them to their own needs. Mail Stationery 2.0 sells for $30 and requires any Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or later with the bundled Mail application. iPresentee also offers several free templates that can be downloaded from its website.

  1. psdenno 10/22, 01:10pm

    Check the spelling of "GrammEr" in the headline with "GrammAr" in the article. One is spelled correctly. Can you guess which one? Nice job on "Jammers", however.

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