AT&T switching to 4G-ready SIM cards

AT&T readying 4G-ready SIM cards

AT&T's plans to roll out a 4G network in 2011 are well underway, judging by this leaked internal memo. Courtesy of BGR, the leak shows AT&T is readying 4G SIM cards, with as many as eight different variants. Store employees are being urged to double check the numbers to ensure they provide customers with the right card.

The iPhone 4 is excluded from the new SIM cards, as it uses a micro SIM card. iPhone 3GS and earlier models can still use the new cards. AT&T has previously said it was trialing 4G in 2010 and would roll out the commercial service in the middle of 2011.

  1. wrenchy 10/22, 03:06pm

    make the new 4G SIMS in 3FF? If the industry is moving towards the new microsim sized cards, why make two sized sims? At least you can use a 3FF sim in a regular phone with an adapter.

  1. testudo 10/22, 05:05pm

    Because then they have to spend all that extra money on adaptors, when it is just as easy and cheaper to make multiple types of cards. For the few people who buy a new phone that takes microsim, they just have them swap it out at the store.

    It isn't like you can just swap out SIM cards between phones, after all. Oh, wait, that's just an iPhone restriction, isn't it.

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