HP Wireless TV Connect pipes HDMI video over wireless

HP Wireless TV Connect gives 1080p vid streaming

HP's unveilings tonight have been joined by a rare, truly cross-platform media add-on. The Wireless TV Connect grabs the audio and video output from any HDMI-equipped computer and sends it over the air to a TV for viewing on the larger screen. As it simply catches the signal, it doesn't need any software and will work with protected content that would break with other formats.

The design is purportedly lag-free and thus well suited to gaming and other time-sensitive output. It isn't tied to portables, but HP bundles it with a notebook adapter to both power the transmitter entirely from the USB bus and hang it off the system's lid. Its receiver needs a more conventional power source, however. HP expects the Wireless TV Connect to arrive in October for $200.

  1. NotarySojac 09/01, 06:39am

    Wonder if it would work with non-HDMI machines if you use a DVI+audio => HDMI or DisplayPort => HDMI adapter?
    Also wonder if it's line-of-sight only or whether we could use it between rooms?

  1. sammaffei 09/01, 08:37am


  1. alterseekers 11/19, 02:52pm

    This is a cool gadget from HP, except that nowadays, there's a lot of ways you can be able to relay your computer/laptop's display to your HDTV. One option that I like best is to do it wirelessly by using Netgear's Push2TV product. This device makes use of the HDMI port on your HDTV and acts as a wireless adapter, displaying what you see on your computer/laptop on to your HDTV. So instead of connecting the computer/laptop via an HDMI cable, the Netgear Push2TV takes its place, and wirelessly displays the contents of your computer/laptop even if they're in separate rooms in the house. To know more about Netgear's Push2TV product, I suggest referring to this link, http://bit.ly/bByST7. Go ahead and check it out for yourself.

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