Office for Mac 2011 Sparklines, photo editing previewed

PivotTable improvements teased alongside video

The Microsoft Office for Mac team has released a new video highlighting Sparklines and photo editing in the forthcoming release. Office for Mac 2011 is due in October and the Office for Mac Blog is attempting to wet customer's appetites with previews of new features. Sparklines, which debuted in Excel 2010 for Windows, arrive on the Mac side in Excel 2011 for Mac. The feature provides numerical graphs that quickly show changes in data over time. They can be generated in cells near corresponding raw data to give fast visual illustrations for numeric data.

Photo editing capabilities will be available across the entire suite of applications. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be able to do basic photo editing, handling tasks such as background removal and color correction. The photo editing tools have been updated as well.

The Mac for Office blog also points to new PivotTables enhancements not shown in the video. PivotTables, which summarize and analyze user lists, now create designs and layouts, adding totals and subtotals. The reports can be in compact, outline, or tabular form and can be generated with less effort.

The blog promises more details as the launch approaches. Office for Mac 2011 will arrive in Office for Mac Home and Student edition for $120 or $150 with three installs, respectively, or Office for Mac Home and Business edition for $200 or $280 with two installs. Education editions will cost $100.


Photo Editing

  1. Bobfozz 08/20, 12:05am

    It's "whet" not wet.

    It's "home in" not hone in (I've seen this in other stories). You "hone" an axe.

    Are furriners' writing this stuff or bad USA HS grads?

  1. ggirton 08/20, 12:44am

    No editors on the job.
    also ...
    No editor's on the job.

  1. rvhernandez 08/20, 02:28am

    The DRM limitation on "Installs" is stupid. I have 3 Macs I need to install to, but can only use 1 at a time. Why the limitation?

  1. MyRightEye 08/20, 02:52am

    This is MacNN... I gave up complaining and correcting their mistakes or I'd spend all day here doing it. Journalists they ain't.

  1. facebook_Anthony James 08/20, 03:39am

    I think I'd rather have my appetite whet.

  1. Geoduck 08/20, 08:49am

    It boils down to a choice. You can have one large app that tries to do a lot of things and does them adequately, or you can have several small apps each of which does one job very well. Add to that the high cost of the all-in-one solution and I'll stick with what I have. Funny, that's the same metric that I went through for every Office update after OfficeX. I haven't bought Office or any other MS product for around a decade and I see no reason to start now.

  1. gor3don 08/20, 09:50am

    Maybe MacNN outsources the editing to India.

  1. SwissMac 08/20, 09:50am

    Kurt Schmucker - what a s******!

    I might be a Mac user but I don't care about pretty little graphics in my work; what I want is a virus free system that has been designed to work with the user, not confuse him and with user effectiveness put ahead of convoluted feature sets that 1% of the user base use, 1% of their time.

    Those little sparklines look interesting, so why did they spend so little time explaining them, and so much on photo adjustment? They really seem to believe their own propaganda, don't they? How did they work that out, do some research ten years ago when users were pretty much only in the fields of graphic designers, TV production and sound engineers and conclude that all Mac users forever more would be just like that?

    Of course, I suspect that line about Mac users being principally interested in how things look came straight out of the MS FUD guidebook. You read rubbish like this being repeated over and over again by teenage PC fanbois on forums, in blogs and from those whose incomes depend on a high PC user base. It's simply not true.

  1. dynsight 08/20, 10:32am

    I actually like Office for Mac, and have had only a few compatibility issues. One is around pivot tables, so this may be good.

    Sparklines, believe it or not, is very useful for creating dashboards on other Live summaries.

    Better photo editing is good. it won't be a replacement for photoshop, but sometimes you look at a photo in a presentation or document, and need to tweak it.

    I am not sure why everyone is balking at the DRM. I am not sure of the "limitations," but why would you want to use more than one at a time? Businesses have to buy either individual versions for each work station OR user based license.

    You get 3 CD Keys, each version can be installed twice. You can't use the same CD key at the same time on the same network. I think this is a fair compromise.

  1. RonC 08/20, 05:11pm

    Sparklines are a good thing - high information content with low presentation sugar.

    Powerpoint (= Keynote) = low information content with high presentation sugar.

    Draw your own conclusion.

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