Nintendo pushes past 30 million Wii sales in US

Milestone reached in less than four years

Nintendo has disclosed sales numbers for its popular Wii console, which has surpassed 30 million units in the US. The achievement was reached in less than four years of sales, which allegedly makes it the fastest-selling console of all time, according to the company.

"This milestone is another reminder that people want fun games they can play with others -- all at a value-minded price," said Nintendo of America marketing VP Cammie Dunaway.

Separate reports suggest Wii sales have recently been outpaced by the redesigned Xbox 360, which edged past Nintendo's console for sales counted in June. Sony also experienced a jump in PS3 sales, although the numbers still fell short of its competitors.

The Wii is only past the halfway mark to become the best-selling console worldwide, with another 67 million units needed to match Sony's PS2 numbers. [via USA Today]

  1. redspear 08/11, 12:37pm

    The previous fastest selling system took 60 months to reach 30 million units. BTW thats 5 years. The PS2 has sold 45 million now.

    Its an impressive number in such a short period of time. Using the word allegedly is a bit underhanded.

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