MSI Wind Pad arrives in Android, Windows 7 versions

MSI Wind Pad 100 and 110 launch at Computex

MSI's turn at Computex saw it join the tablet fray with two distinct models. The Wind Pad 100 and 110 both have 10-inch multi-touch displays but very different processors and operating systems. Conventional users get the Wind Pad 100, a full Windows 7 tablet with a 1.66GHz Atom Z530, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB solid-state drive; the Wind Pad 110 switches to a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 250 with Android.

Besides their internals, the two vary sharply in hardware and software. The 100 has a customized, touch-friendly layer to support Microsoft's normally desktop oriented OS; it should carry netbook-like expansion with HDMI video out, a webcam and two USB ports. The 110 should have just one USB port but will be more stylized and should have swappable back plates to change the look.

MSI should ship the Wind Pad 100 by the end of the year for $499 but is less than clear on what it will do with the 110. If it ships, it may also arrive by the end of the year but would cost $399. [via Notebook Italia]

Wind Pad 100

Wind Pad 110

  1. monsterfreecity 05/31, 09:12am mean "won't ship for months" and "might not ship at all"?

  1. aSevie 05/31, 09:21am

    The only thing this has in common with a iPad is the basic shape. Is it instant on? Is it intuitive? Do the apps cost $0.99 to $4.99? Please, this thing will be lucky to sell 30,000, total. This will have ZERO affect on the market. Greaatt...

  1. jfgilbert 05/31, 10:50am

    It has USB ports, it multitasks, and it is not locked by Apple, so it must be a much better pad. What took them so long? It's easy to make the right product: Copy Apple's design (superficially only, it would be too much work to get it right), then add all the things that 15 year olds experts said it was missing. Voila: perfect killer. If it is priced low enough, it might sell in the hundreds.

  1. rjdude 05/31, 11:10am

    and laughed at Apple when they put the "i" in front of Pad for the new device's name. The stock went down too in an initial reaction. Now that everyone sees the success of the device, the competition is not only rushing to market, but they are also keeping the "pad" in their naming schemes.

  1. Intosh 05/31, 11:29am

    Apple zealots are so humble.

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