American Beauty director making iPhone ads with video chat

Sam Mendes producing multiple iPhone TV spots

An unusual slip Monday evening suggests that Apple will take a very different approach when it markets the next iPhone on TV. American Beauty director Sam Mendes is believed to be directing multiple ads, one of which has a mother and a daughter using the iPhone's front camera for a video chat with each other. Cursory searches by Engadget have located at least two tweets of actors in New York and Los Angeles auditioning for new spots, giving support to the story.

Having Mendes wouldn't be uncharacteristic for Apple but would be a change from the past two years. Both the iPhone 3G and 3GS had one commercial each directed by Fight Club's David Fincher, either of which followed the same theme of exposing the iPhone in a top-secret facility. The new spots would imply a more human connection and possibly a closer relationship to the recent iPad TV spot, which centered more on features than on style alone.

Where the ads would be filmed wasn't as evident, but Apple has previously used its own 5th Avenue store in Manhattan as a set. A move of that kind would be less probable given the newly described setting.


  1. ilovestevejobs 05/25, 12:08am

    Move along, nothing new here

  1. Tofino 05/25, 04:10am

    somebody's gonna get fired before the job even starts...

  1. eldarkus 05/25, 08:30am

    Cant wait to see the plastic bag blowing in the wind, rose petals falling out of the iPhone and Steve Jobs tugging one out in the shower...

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