T-Mobile giving iPhone users $350 to defect to HD2

T-Mobile hopes to convert Apple handset users

A leaked memo shows that T-Mobile is hoping to lure iPhone users away with large incentives to switch to the HTC HD2. Starting from April and running through May 19th, the carrier plans to let any iPhone owner get at least $100 credit and as much as $350 if they trade in a working device. The TmoNews note doesn't say whether customers have to already be T-Mobile customers or if they can be AT&T users switching networks.

The promo won't be universal and will primarily be found at third-party dealers rather than T-Mobile's own stores, although the company itself will take direct phone orders and make business deals.

Exactly why the carrier is offering the promo wasn't said, but the HD2 has been an unusual hit for the company. It may have sold 21,000 phones in one day and has endured multiple sellouts as customers buy the phone as soon as it arrives in stock. Although it uses Windows Mobile, which has historically fared poorly versus the iPhone and Android, it has an HTC-developed interface that eliminates most of the weak points and brings in a 4.3-inch, capacitive multi-touch screen. A fast 1GHz processor and a 5-megapixel camera also make it one of the more capable smartphones on the market regardless of the network.

As the only other major GSM carrier in the US, T-Mobile has also been home to a significant population of iPhone owners who are using unlocked devices on its network. The move would get these customers on to officially supported devices and let T-Mobile move them to full smartphone plans if they weren't already on those services.

  1. jdukovac 04/05, 10:07am

    I'm kind of feeling that this is not entirely T-Mobile's doing here. I can't help but to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Steve Ballmer and Co. (Microsoft) is directly behind this promo and supplying the cash for iPhone incentives just to be able to help their ailing mobile market.

    It will be interesting to see just how many T-Mobile iPhone users jump ship and go with the device. Also unclear is whether or not the iPhone user has to be a T-Mobile customer or are they trying to draw business from other carriers.

  1. Raman 04/05, 10:18am

    Are they kidding? Just because HTC polished the Windows t*** and put a pretty face on it? Android maybe. Blackberry possibly. BUT WINDOWS?????! Seriously? Was this article supposed to be dated April 1?

    BTW, if it's not a joke then the idiots that typed up the offer are..idiots.. the 2nd word in the first paragraph should be "NEWS", not NEW.

  1. Inkling 04/05, 11:42am

    Whether there's a conspiracy going on here between Microsoft and T-Mobile or not, it wouldn't be hard to arrange. Microsoft's in Redmond and T-Mobile's national headquarters is in Bellevue, which adjoins Redmond to the south. The execs of both could easily meet for lunch.

    That said, my question is "How can I get one of these traded-in iPhones." I won't sign a contract for one, but I'd happily promise to stay a T-Mobile customer.

  1. jragosta 04/05, 02:13pm

    They sold 21,000 phones on the first day. How is that a major hit? The iPhone 3GS sold closer to a million in the first weekend. The iPad sold 300,000 in its first day.

    The HD2 has been less of a dismal failure than all the other 'iphone killers' out there. That's the best you can possibly say.

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