Briefly: ShiVa 3D adds iPad support, 10.6.3 security fixes

ITWorld lists top 5 security fixes in 10.6.3

Stonetrip has announced that it will be updating its ShiVa 3D software with additional iPad development capabilities. The latest version expands supported platforms to include PC, Mac, Web, Linux, iPhone, Android and iPad. The cross-platform 3D engine has been designed for use in both games and 3D applications and includes an optimized graphical engine with dynamic lighting, shadows, reflection and skinning. Other features include: built-in path finding, an integrated physics engine, no publishing fees, and more.

Importnat Mac OS X 10.6.3 security fixes

Following Monday's release of Mac OS X 10.6.3 ITWorld has posted an article outlining the five most important security fixes included in the update. The article urges readers to download and install the 784MB patch as soon as possible, as it addresses serious security problems. Among other various features, the fixes address security holes found in Leopard's AppKit Spellchecker, and Snow Leopard's CoreAudio, CoreMedia, QuickTime, CoreTypes, and disk images. All of these security holes left Macs vulnerable to attack and could even be used to remotely take over a computer.

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