Google sells just 135,000 Nexus Ones in 2.5 months

Android flagship well behind iPhone, Droid

In spite of early fanfare, Google has sold just 135,000 Nexus One phones in the past 2.5 months, according to a Flurry estimate. Having tracked sales since the early January launch, the analysts believe the Android "superphone" in 74 days has had just a fraction of the sales the original iPhone managed over a similar timeframe in 2007, when it cracked 1 million. Motorola has also landed an ironic blow as the Droid is believed to have outsold both with 1.05 million passing through Verizon.

The research doesn't directly explain the Nexus One's shortfall, but its presence on the considerably smaller T-Mobile network and the refusal to sell the phone directly through T-Mobile or its resellers has contributed to much of the poor performance. A lack of marketing, even at Google's website, has also hurt publicity.

Verizon's lead with the Droid is almost exclusively attributed to time and, inadvertently, Apple. About 2.5 years passed between June 2007 and November 2009 that not only saw subscriber bases grow, especially after Verizon's buyout of Alltel, but a conditioning of the market to accept smartphones. The iPhone not only taught the US public to embrace smartphones but created a glut of demand for a Verizon equivalent, which was heavily marketed when it shipped.

The Droid also had the benefit of launching during the holiday season where both the iPhone and Nexus One launched during relatively cool sales periods, and unlike either, were sold only through first-party channels where the Droid was already being sold at Best Buy and other retailers.

  1. Foe Hammer 03/16, 10:52am

    ... we ran a few numbers and just wanted to write something about them.

  1. slapppy 03/16, 11:39am

    ... in other words, the Nexus one is one big massive FAIL.

  1. slider 03/16, 11:49am

    I've held that that vast majority of consumers are either tech-retarded, or we posters of meaningless boards and forums need to get a life. So sure, if you're a geek, the Nexus was big news, but I think most people just didn't and still don't know what the "Google Phone" is. Of those that at least have a clue, I doubt most of them would know that Google didn't actually build the phone, rather it was a specialized/tweaked version of an existing HTC phone. Which brings in the other part - "HT who?" Plus, this is Googles first entry into the consumer hardware market (as far as I know) and that can make potential buyers pause - it's a common enough sentiment among consumers regarding other products

    Then there's the existing Apple user-base for the iPhone, and for Verizon the heavily marketed Droid prior to release. And, iPhone, AT&T on release, Droid, Verizon on release - Nexus, ah, was it T-Mobile? And I suppose you can through in there as well, potential Nexus customers probably had already purchased a Droid since it's the same OS.

    The point: this don't mean a thing.

  1. worldbfree 03/16, 11:54am

    This makes the Nexus One even more appealing. Who wants a Phone that everyone already has (iDont) no pun intended!

  1. Fast iBook 03/16, 12:24pm

    Do they ever get tired of failing to beat the iPhone? Though it is amusing to watch them attempt to build hype then fizzle like a defective match.

    - A

  1. wrenchy 03/16, 12:41pm

    When you invest heavily on advertising and promoting your product, people will recognize it and think about it the next time they need a car, running shoes, insurance, gum, a restaurant, a phone...

    The sales #'s for the Droid says it all. And as the article says, timing your product release is a huge factor.

    I have not seen 1 advert for the Nexus1. I'm not surprised the majority of consumers who are generally not tech savvy, have never heard of or considered buying this phone. And the fact that it's a web purchase only device makes it even more obscure. People like touching, feeling and trying out the product before buying.

  1. ggirton 03/16, 03:20pm

    wasn't such a good idea. "Oh, you mean if I cancel I'm out $195 for the phone service and another $350 for the phone?"

    After my experience at the Apple Store today, though, I am definitely in favor of a phone with a removable/replaceable battery. And the Nexus One has one. So there!

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