Siri Assistant debuts in public beta for iPhone 3GS

Uses voice commands to handle tasks

Siri has launched a public beta of its personal assistant software for the iPhone, Siri Assistant. The program is designed to help with everyday tasks such as booking a restaurant or contacting a taxi service. Its main feature is voice recognition technology, which operates in a question-and-answer style. Over time the app is designed to adapt, and become simpler to use.

Assistant is capable of locating nearby businesses such as movie theaters and gas stations, as well as information on major events. It lists over 11,000 restaurants around the world, along with services such as, Yahoo Local, Rotten Tomatoes, the New York Times and WeatherBug. The title can be found on the App Store as a free download.

  1. Jeronimo2000 02/09, 04:43pm

    This is a great service. So great that I'm using it for a week now. So it's all about "news" with you guys, huh? :)

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