Report: RIM expected to dominate handset sales through 2014

Smartphone sales to jump to 60% by 2014

Pyramid Research has released its Q3 2009 Handset Forecasts, projecting a large shift in the US market for new handset sales. Based on the increase in demand for smartphones, the research group estimates the segment to reach 31 percent of all new handsets sold in the US for 2009. The numbers mark a doubling of the 15 percent growth witnessed two years prior. By the year 2014, Pyramid Research predicts that roughly 60 percent of new handsets will be comprised of smartphones.

The analysts view Verizon as the leader in BlackBerry sales, with smartphones establishing roughly 40 percent of the carrier's device sales in Q2 2009. The second largest carrier, AT&T, is said to have sold 4.3 million integrated devices in the third quarter, 75 percent of which were iPhones.

Currently, BlackBerrys are said to be in the lead of the US smartphone market with approximately 50 percent of overall sales. However, if other mobile phone companies are able to improve their current position, BlackBerry's smartphone share is expected to decline to approximately 37 percent. The company is nonetheless expected to dominate overall handset sales, as companies with largely non-smartphone products continue to lose market share.

By 2014 Pyramid Research also believes Apple's exclusive relationship with AT&T will cease, opening the iPhone up to an additional 200 million US wireless customers and potentially doubling its overall sales numbers.

[Overall handset sales]

  1. Fast iBook 11/16, 06:31am

    Especially in light of exclusivity ending & related developments.

    - A

  1. herojig 11/16, 10:19am

    These look like cow pie charts to me, although I have nothing other then gut to base my hunches on...iPhone shares are and will be larger, and RIM shares will be less, faster.

  1. luckyday 11/16, 10:21am

    Glad to hear it. Please forward you report to macnn so they can do a story.

  1. andrewbw 11/16, 10:44am

    When you root your self worth in a consumer products company, you don't think like a businessperson. RIM doesn't need to fail, or be second, or third, or whatever, for Apple to succeed.

    Sound familiar?

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