Excel Software announces QuickLicense Server

QuickLicense creates floating license systems

Excel has introduced QuickLicense Server 1.0, an application for generating a vendor-branded floating license system. Under such a system, a server and monitor pairing keep track of protected programs. Tools in QuickLicense allow users to configure a server, observe its operations, and alter the number of purchased licenses, and well as manage the number of protected apps that can be used at a customer site.

DocProtect support allows floating licenses for documents such as image collections, compiled HTML apps, or audio, video and PDF files. Branding features make it possible to stamp apps with particular icons, filenames, pricing schemes, custom error messages or security functions.

QuickLicense Server runs on PowerPC and Intel Macs, and handles licenses for both Mac and Windows apps. The program is priced at $995 under a single-user license, and includes printed and PDF user guides with step-by-step tutorials.

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